What are the five lust languages? Sexperts insist they're just as important as love languages

Here's the sexy scoop on these erotic blueprints

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Time to turn your attention towards your lust language. 

Yes, you've likely uncovered your love language, but the lesser-known counterpart is also key to a good relationship...especially when things take a turn for the frisky. According to research from Delicto, sexologist and educator Jaiya dedicated her career to uncovering the science of arousal, and she first coined the term. Don't we owe it to her to have a glance at her work?

The secret to good sex is communication, so why not take things one step further to uncover just what makes you and your partner tick? Here's what you need to know before you uncover which lust language speaks to you the most.

What are the five lust languages?

Love languages are actions that show us how we care for those we love (be it through acts of service or gifts, to name a few examples). Lust languages—also known as erotic blueprints—shows what turns you on. Essentially, it's the sexy equivalent to love languages, and yes, there are also five. 

Whether you're looking to take your relationship to a new level, explore sexual fantasies or simply enjoy an intimate moment with your loved one, these lust languages could prove quite telling.

1. Sensual

Unsurprisingly, those who gravitate towards the sensual erotic blueprint are all about what they see, smell, taste and so forth during a sexual encounter, according to Delicto. They're not one to just get it on anywhere, they're mindful of the environment. (Perhaps light one of your favorite scented candles or opt for a bubble bath to get the ball rolling.) Those with the sensual erotic blueprint also pay attention to the whole body, not just the obvious areas, so pay attention to the erogenous zones, too. 

However, should the area in which you're doing the deed be messy, chaotic and unkempt, it's likely someone who identifies with a sensual lust language will be turned off.

2. Sexual

Those with a sexual erotic blueprint are all about getting down to business and focusing on the finale: an explosive orgasm (perhaps even a blended orgasm, if you're lucky). While sexperts encourage couples to enjoy all moments of intimacy, perhaps by attempting some foreplay ideas, it's likely those who have a sexual lust language are laser-focused, and it's best not to make them wait. (Patience doesn't work for everyone.) 

3. Energetic

It's all about the experience for those with an energetic lust language, Delicto says. What you say, how you build up to the moment, how you flirt is all of great importance. An energetic erotic blueprint is not likely to rush, so enjoy all moments, from the dirty talk to the laughs, kisses and everything in between. 

4. Kinky

Much like the term suggests, a kinky erotic blueprint indicates that someone is willing to try a variety of different things—they're OK with crossing boundaries. This might mean trying bondage or something that's not necessarily conventional. A turn-off for a kinky lust language would be lacking a sense of adventure and curiosity. 

5. Shapeshifter

Everyone wants their partner to have some aspects of a shapeshifter, as that lust language thrives when people feed off their partner's desires. Just don't have a lackluster approach to your time in bed—that'll set a shapeshifter up for disappointment.

Which one speaks to you the most? Perhaps they all do, or maybe you're unsure—totally fine!

"Keep in mind that, like your love language, your blueprint can shift over time as you move through different stages of life," a Delicto rep said in a statement. "Check-in with yourself and your partners periodically, and don’t forget that communication is always key to good sex, no matter what your erotic blueprint!"

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