What is plogging? Learn about the latest fitness trend taking over TikTok feeds

Though it sounds suspicious at first, plogging is taking over TikTok for good reason

Attractive latin couple holding trash bags with garbage while running. Group of friends doing plogging in the park
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We'll admit, when we first heard about plogging, we had our suspicions about TikTok's latest fad. 

Typically, the video-sharing platform is known for its dance videos and hacks, but as of late, it's home to often bizarre, sometimes unsafe and unheard-of challenges. Once an unfamiliar buzzword was thrown into the mix, we became particularly wary. 

However, plogging is actually a wholesome 2022 fitness trend that we're planning to add to our to-do list. Allow us to introduce you to the activity that simultaneously helps you feel good and do good.

What is plogging?

Your typical morning run is about to get a green makeover. 

According to One Green Planet, plogging is a mixture of jogging and "plocka upp", which is the Swedish term for “to pick up." If you're getting in your cardio, might as well multitask and help the environment freshen up by removing litter you see during your routine run. 

Considering 8 million-plus tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year and 50 billion pieces of litter end up on the ground annually in the United States alone, according to Keep America Beautiful, perhaps a little tidying up is a step in the right direction—literally and figuratively. 

A refreshing break from the likes of the sleepy chicken TikTok trend and the Milk crate challenge, #plogging has been making the rounds on FYP across the world, and the hashtag has earned almost seven million views. 

In various plogging videos, we catch fitness buffs cleaning up their local jogging paths while on their morning run. It's fulfilling to think you can not only hit your fitness target but help make your community look better in the process. 


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Plogging tips

Though it seems like a fairly simple concept, there are a few things to note about plogging to keep the experience fulfilling and safe. 

First things first, you will absolutely, 100% want to wear gloves—even if viral videos show participants picking up litter sans protection. Of course, you'll want to wash your hands thoroughly upon finishing the task as well. Sometimes, ploggers even turn to help from tools like litter grabbers. Move cautiously if you decided to bring long and potentially heavy tools on your venture.

Keep America Beautiful also recommends picking out a particular spot that you like to frequent during your fitness routine, be it a park or a walkway near the beach. You'll be able to make an impact on that particular environment with regular visits. 

Though you might feel inclined to pick a few things up that veer off your course, do keep safe and be mindful that trash can accumulate in and around highly-trafficked areas. Always be aware of vehicles nearby and try to go plogging when it is light out so that the trash is visible, and most importantly, you are visible.

The jogging trend would be a waste (no pun intended) if you did not dispose of the collectibles properly, so make sure to adhere to your local recycling guidelines.

Happy plogging, friends! We're anxious to see the impact you make on your exercise routine and your community. 

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