Ponytail braids have taken over TikTok for a dose of nostalgia

Your favorite childhood 'do is in again

blonde woman at the beach with head turned to us showing a ponytail braid
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Classics never go out of style. Case in point? Ponytail braids, one of the latest trending hashtags on TikTok (#ponybraid).  

Our go-to 'do of yesteryear is making a resurgence from our playground days to keep us cool while looking stylish...even in this unbearable heat. Just pair it with a few Y2K beauty trends and voila! 

"Braids are a great hairstyle for summer as they look elegant and chic whilst keeping your hair out of your face," says Gökhan VAYNİ, hair specialist at Vera Clinic (opens in new tab).

On TikTok, we notice plenty of users opting for a high pony before weaving their strands into a braid of their choosing. Not only does it look playful, but it'll keep the back of your next cool to boot, something we can all appreciate this week.

Ponytail braids on TikTok

What's more about summer braids is that you have the option to style them to your liking: you can have a high pony or a low pony. From there, you're able to do a simple three-strand braid or something more intricate like the mermaid braid. Whatever suits your fancy!

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Personalization is always encouraged, especially across FYPs, however, it seems TikTokers are going the simple route when it comes to the pony braid. Guess there's a reason this style has withstood the test of time!

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Ponytail braid styling tips

Although some of us might opt for different braiding styles and none of us have quite the same hair texture, there are a few universal truths when attempting a pony braid. 

"You can give your hair texture and grip by spraying dry shampoo all over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair before braiding," says VAYNİ. "I recommend applying a hair spray to keep the braids tightly in place, especially if you have fine or very soft hair."

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean & Classic 
$12.68 (2 pack), 2.66 (1 pack) 

This starch-based, no water needed formulation makes its way to the roots to rid hair of grease and oils. 

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Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray 
$25.40, £18.40

 A weightless, rapidly-drying styling spray to keep your strands in place without a crispy, flaky feel.

"I always prep hair with universal styling cream from aveda. This helps the braid stay shiny and frizz free and holds the shape of the braid and waves when you take them out," says hairstylist, artist and author Cody Renegar (opens in new tab).

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Aveda brilliant™ universal styling creme

A creme formula perfect for medium to coarse hair that seals in moisture, defines texture and adds shine. Apply to dry hair.

Meet the Expert

  • Gökhan Vayni (opens in new tab)is a specialist in beard, eyebrow and scar hair transplantation at Vera Clinic (opens in new tab)
  • Cody Renegar (opens in new tab) is a licensed cosmetologist and licensed master barber with clientele in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Arkansas.

While you're out and about strutting those braids this summer, we recommend stashing a few hair ties in those popular straw bags and topping it all off with cute Hailey Bieber sunglasses.