A Pretty Little Liars reboot is on its way—here’s what to expect

Can you keep a secret? This Pretty Little Liars reboot is going to throw fans for a loop

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "The Jenna Thing" - With the return of Jenna Cavanaugh to Rosewood, the girls must face an unpleasant past as questions arise about Alison's death, in an all-new episode of Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Family's original series, "Pretty Little Liars," premiering Tuesday, June 15th (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). (Photo by Jamie Trueblood/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Family via Getty Images) SHAY MITCHELL, TROIAN BELLISARIO, LUCY HALE, ASHLEY BENSON
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A 2000's resurgence is upon us—and with it comes a Pretty Little Liars reboot. 

The next chapter of the PLL story joins fellow aughts revivals, including that Gossip Girl reboot and the rekindled romance between JLo and Ben Affleck. We're certainly experiencing a case of déjà vu (and not the Olivia Rodrigo kind). 

Since we can't keep a secret, we're here to fill you in on everything you need to know about Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

What is the Pretty Little Liars reboot about?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, both of whom worked on Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, are collaborating to revive our favorite teen mystery. Though Original Sin has not been formally coined as a sequel, remake, or anything vaguely similar, per US Weekly, it appears to be a continuation of the story we left behind in 2017. However, it'll supposedly take place 20 years into the future. 

Based on Sara Shepard's bestselling YA series, the original Pretty Little Liars follows a group of friends who experience drama on an entirely different scale. The clique's leader goes missing and their secrets are threatened to be exposed by an anonymous source simply called "A." Although they originally expected their friend to be behind the stunt, her dead body proves A is not fooling around. 

Plot specifics aren't clear for the reboot, but it's been revealed that the show's creators are throwing in new elements and planning to expand the horror and thriller themes of the series. We'll be relocating from Rosewood to Millwood, meeting a whole new posse of liars, but experiencing the same issues.  

Is there a trailer for the PLL reboot?

But of course! Although details are limited, Original Sin's September 2020 trailer promises an unexpected roller coaster. Sign us up for whatever they're planning.

When and where will the Pretty Little Liars reboot premiere? 

There isn't a release date quite yet, but we'll be sure to fill you in once it's announced. HBO Max—which is also responsible for the Gossip Girl reboot this July—will do the honors of streaming Original Sin. 

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Who will be in the Pretty Little Liars Original Sin cast?

Expect a whole new crew! Time will tell who's trustworthy and who's lying. Regardless of who's who, we're just excited to become acquainted with the new group:

1. Chandler Kinney

The former Disney Channel starlet, who made her claim to fame in Zombies 2, will take on a slightly more sinister role (to say the least) as Tabby, a horror movie aficionado. 

2. Maia Reficco

Broadway darling Maia Reficco is taking on the role of Noa, who believes she'll be able to run her way from a troubled past; she pours all of her energy into track and field after she's released from a juvenile detention center. 

How to read Pretty Little Liars in order

Why not start with the medium that brought the teen mystery to fame? Here's how to read Sara Shepard's PLL books in order (which make for a fun beach outing, if we do say so ourselves). 

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Pretty Little Liars Complete 17 Novel Collection | $459

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