We caught up with the 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' cast to chat all-things French culture

The dames fill us in on what it was like to film, what they love most about the City of Lights and more

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Bonjour, bébé! 

We've been fortunate enough to have a discuter with the Real Girlfriends in Paris cast members about their new reality show on Bravo. 

Think of it as the non-fiction equivalent to Netflix's beloved hit, Emily in Paris. Six American ex-pats make their way to the City of Lights and Love to find their way into the culture, build a career and, of course, find romance. 

According to Bravo, "While in the City of Lights, they find each other, encounter a romantic rendezvous or two and embrace all the spontaneity that comes with living in an exciting new city. Always looking for a good time, the women find themselves in an extraordinarily rich moment in their lives where the possibilities for true love, unrelenting passion and forging life-long friendships are endless."

The Real Girlfriends in Paris cast members have given My Imperfect Life readers their best advice on traveling, love and finding your way. Don't be surprised if you find yourself booking a plane ticket after this! 

Cheers, mon chéri! 

Meet the 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' cast:

Time to get acquainted with the group that's going to take over your TV!

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1. Anya Firestone (@afireinparis)

Anya is a cultural connoisseur and quite literally wants to experience Paris in as many ways as possible, even though she's called the city home for close to 10 years. 

"I have such a personal but poetic relationship with the city. It's not taking selfies with the Eiffel Tower or taking pictures of croissants, it's contributing to French culture and making a space in Paris that if I wasn't there, there'd be something missing," she tells My Imperfect Life. 

She adds: "On a more philosophical takeaway, I'd love to open people's minds up to art, to culture and to the power that they have beyond museums, but in the real world," she says of her experience on the show. 

The former New Yorker now gives guided tours across cultural landmarks throughout the city and is building a life with her fiancé, Mathieu, and their four-legged child, Zsa Zsa. 

Though it might seem like all glitz and glamour, things didn't start out that way for the new Bravolebrity. 

"I was raised by a single mom on well fare and food stamps in Hell's Kitchen in New York City, and she taught me how to be resourceful," she says. "I took that and went to Paris with that drive and energy. I hope that inspires others that think 'Oh, that's just another world of glam I can't access.'"

2. Emily Gorelik (@emilyg)

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Most 22-year-olds don't have it all figured out. Emily didn't, but she's learning along the way. 

The Jersey girl left school and made her way over to the City of Lights on a whim, where she's taking the next steps in a fashion career and figuring out what makes her tick. Ultimately, she'd love to have her mother's interior design business come to Paris.

"At the end of the day, me and the other girls, we evolved so much," she tells My Imperfect Life. "Who I was from the start of the season is someone completely different in the best way possible."

But one thing that hasn't changed, and likely never will, is her love for the city. 

"I'm going to be honest—it sounds so cliché and so Emily in Paris—but it's just the truth. I love who I am here," she confesses. "I love that every day I have a lot of inconveniences—that's what you'll see on the show. It's not always beautiful and romantic and perfect and glamorized, but every day holds something different."

3. Margaux Lignel (@margauxlignel)

American-born with French roots, Margaux truly belongs in the fashion capital of the world. 

She's attended some prestigious institutions, including the American School in Paris and FIT in New York. If you're going to make a name for yourself in the fashion industry, is there a better place to start than Paris?

But it wasn't necessarily easy finding her way—and Margaux hopes viewers will resonate with that. 

"[I hope] my storyline will make people feel better if they haven’t exactly figured out what they want to do with lives," she tells us. "Do whatever inspires you. You can be lost and still figure things out in your mid 20s."

Given that she feels she's her most authentic self in Paris, it's safe to say Margaux has found the place where she's meant to be. 

"The key word is authenticity," she says of the city. "You can be yourself and you're not going to get judgement."

4. Kacey Margo (@kaceymargo)

SoCal-based Kacey ventured over to Paris where she teaches, and she admits life across the globe was not easy at times.   

"I spent some semesters where every day much lunch was the one Euro hotdog at IKEA," she says. "I was going through that student/teacher grind, as many people go through when they start their journey through France, whether it's to go to school or to teach at a school."

But overall, those moments made her more resilient. 

"I learned that although I will never cry in front of a man, I may cry on camera," she jokes. 

Now, she's hoping those who tune in can relate to all of her experiences. 

"There's so many things that can get in the way of living life. Everyone goes through them and it's nice to go, 'Oh, there's someone I can relate to.' It's going to be interesting if I'm the person they're going to relate to!"

5. Adja Toure (@adjadjadjadja)

The Cornell alumna ventured over to France to find her footing in her career and relationships. Throughout her move—and filming—she realized that it's ok to take some time for yourself. 

"I think I've learned that 1) I'm more vulnerable that I've been letting myself know and letting other people know. I also learned that I do deserve better sometimes," she says. "I think I was taking a lot of hits back in New York, but when I got to Paris, I had some time to focus on myself. That relationship with myself aided my relationship with others."

But if you are considering a move abroad, Kacey is one person to emulate. In fact, she's got a system down pat. 

"One thing I did was plan my move to Paris six months before my actual move because I wanted to hit all of my bases. So I would say, make a list, make a chart—email me and I'll send you the spreadsheet I'd put together," she jokes. "But I had a checklist: get my Visa together, make sure I had housing. [And] make sure you build in a three-week buffer because anything can happen and anything can change."

6. Victoria Zito (@victorialzito)

The Texas native claims Paris has her "heart on a lock." 

Even after a divorce, Victoria is thriving in the French capital and experiencing everything she can in her new home. She's a head designer for Chloe Colette, which comes as no surprise given her fashion choices on Instagram. 

Like her peers, she truly believes everyone should make a move of their own, whatever that might entail. 

"Move to Paris. Make that jump or leap of faith," she says. "You just have to believe in yourself. That's the only person that really matters."

Like Margaux, she echoes that Paris has helped her uncover what it is that truly makes her tick, and reiterates that there's no room for insincerity. 

"My audience has now become too big and I have no choice but to be my authentic self. I think the show has jumpstarted that," she notes. 

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Make sure to add the series to your fall TV lineup—there's plenty coming our way. 

"I think it does take hutzpah and courage to come to Paris on your own, trying to make a life and maybe not speaking the language to, leaving friends and family, and I think a whole other level is putting that vulnerable trajectory on national television," Anya says. 

Why miss out on all that reality TV goodness, in France no less?!

Real Girlfriends in Paris premieres on Monday, September 5, 2022 at 9:15pm ET. Each episode will stream next-day on Peacock. The remaining nine episodes will air on Mondays at 9pm, 8pm Central on Bravo. 

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