Say bonjour to 'Real Girlfriends in Paris,' Bravo's addicting new series

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' is essentially the reality equivalent of 'Emily in Paris,' so obviously we're adding it to our watch list

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If Emily Cooper wasn't fictional, you'd likely find her in Real Girlfriends in Paris, Bravo's new reality series (and one of our September screen time picks). 

Housewives' younger sister and the European equivalent to Vanderpump Rules, this new series is a trés chic exploration of womanhood in the French capital.

"I'm going to be honest—it sounds so cliché and so Emily in Paris—but it's just the truth: I love who I am here," cast mate Emily Gorelik tells My Imperfect Life about the French capital. "I love that every day I have a lot of inconveniences—that's what you'll see on the show. It's not always beautiful and romantic and perfect and glamorized, but every day holds something different."

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According to the network, six young American women packed their suitcases and uprooted themselves to the most romantic city in the world to "find each other, encounter a romantic rendezvous or two and embrace all the spontaneity that comes with living in an exciting new city."

Though undeniably a wonderful city, there will, of course, be bumps along the way—and we're not just talking about the cobblestone streets.

"I think it does take hutzpah and courage to come to Paris on your own, trying to make a life and maybe not speaking the language to leaving friends and family, and I think a whole other level is putting that vulnerable trajectory on national television," cast mate Anya Firestone tells us.

That's for sure! And we can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

Light your croissant candle, sip some red wine and enjoy a baguette: we'll tell you everything you need to know about Bravo's new indulgence (a must before you binge Emily in Paris season 3, of course). 

'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Bravo sneak peek

"It's really not hard to find a date in Paris. Everyone's horny." 

Buckle up and have a little looksie at what's sure to become your new guilty pleasure, bebés! (Thank you as always, Bravo.) Here's what's happening in France. 

How to watch 'Real Girlfriends in Paris':

The newest Bravo indulgence hit screens on September 5 at 9:15pm ET, and episodes are available to stream next-day on Peacock. The remaining nine episodes air on Mondays at 9pm, 8pmC on Bravo.

For those in other locales without access to Bravo, opt for a VPN. This is a handy piece of software that allows you to browse anonymously, and change your IP address so your mobile, computer or laptop thinks it's in another location. That allows you to watch your favorite show, film or TV event from anywhere in the world.

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Who is in the 'Real Girlfriends of Paris' cast?

Who's who? We'll give you a little scoop (and the ladies' Instagram handles).

Be sure to also check out our exclusive chats with the Real Girlfriends in Paris cast, where they tell all on life, love and the City of Lights!

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1. Anya Firestone

The "artistic" Anya has lived on and off in Paris for the past 10 years and loves the culture. She's licensed by the French government to give tours of popular landmarks and sights throughout the city. Catch her on-screen appearance alongside her fiancé Mathieu and canine companion, Zsa Zsa. 

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2. Emily Gorelik

Emily's a Jersey girl at heart, but after studying in Paris while at NYU, she left the land of Bruce and Bon Jovi behind to pursue a degree in luxury design management. Ultimately, she'd like to bring her mom’s interior design brand to the City of Lights.

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3. Margaux Lignel

An American-born French gal, Margaux has attended some prestigious schools, including the American School in Paris and FIT in NYC. Now she's trying to figure out what path to take next.

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4. Kacey Margo

SoCal-based Kacey ventured over to Paris while taking a semester off and fell for the city immediately, which is why she secured a position as an English teacher in a French classroom. She has no intentions of leaving Paris, but her visa might say otherwise...

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5. Adja Toure

The Cornell alumna is making a new name for herself in Paris, where she's attempting to start over in the beauty realm. She's also looking for a very nice French man. 

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6. Victoria Zito

The Texas native realized her dreams were too big for the Lone Star State and currently resides in Paris where she is a head designer for Chloe Colette and navigating her love life after a divorce.

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Au revoir for now! 

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