10 times 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' was 90s style goals

'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' just turned 25, and we're celebrating with throwback fashion moments

sabrina the teenage witch and salem the cat
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You might find this hard to believe, but Sabrina the Teenage Witch just turned 25. (Yes, we feel old, too.) 

Many moons ago, our favorite coven of ladies delighted our TGIF lineup and supplied us with hours of entertainment and 90s goodness. Sabrina's success ultimately led to an animated spinoff, a Netflix reboot and a permanent place in pop culture history. 

To commemorate the milestone, Sabrina Spellman herself, actress Melissa Joan Hart, took time to post a throwback pic on Instagram honoring the beloved series. 

"Tons of talented guest stars, musical acts and magic tv tricks over the years. Full of friendships and crazy memories, it was an incredible ride to be sure! Thanks for the love and support to help us do what we love to do, make people smile!! Happy #SabrinatheTeenageWitch Day," the actress wrote.

Magical spells, a closet door to another realm, a talking cat—the iconic series has shaped many a generation and kept fans interested in its enchanted storylines, which gave its coming-of-age peers some competition. We'll always hold a special place in our hearts for Sabrina and the epic 90s fashion trends that she totally nailed (even if she thought she wasn't the most popular witch in town). 

In honor of this special anniversary, let's revisit some of the show's moments that were so stylish, it's spooky. 

Our favorite 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' looks

Transitioning into adulthood is difficult enough, but wonky fashion trends just might complicate matters even more...especially if you're a witch! Poor Sabrina Spellman—she had it rough. If the production stills below don't scream "1996," we're not sure what will. 

1. Sabrina's see-through top

Can you say perfect holiday-party top?!

2. Sabrina's ribbed turtlenecks

We're absolutely loving Sabrina's go-to dress-over-sweater ensemble for the autumn. 

3. Aunt Hilda's leopard print and Aunt Zelda's criss-cross jumpsuit

Good taste seems to run in the Spellman family—just look at these fierce auntie get-ups for proof!

4. All of the crimped hair

Was it even the 90s if you didn't have zigzag waves?

5. Sabrina's leather jacket

A leather trench with a corresponding choker is the kind of matchy-matchy look we can get into. (Also loving that jean vest, Soleil Moon Frye!)

6. Libby's statement braids

Why have one accent braid when you can have all of them

7. Sabrina's monochrome moment

Head-to-toe purple with hair clips to boot? Count us in

8. Sabrina's velvet zip-up dress

BRB, scouring the Internet for dupes of this dress stat

9. Sabrina's lacy LBD

It's sure putting the little in little black dress, huh? Though we'd choose the black heels over the boots, FYI. 

10. Salem's Halloween costume

Did you really think we were going to leave our favorite feline off this list? 

Want to catch up with Sabrina, her zany aunts, Harvey and co? The series is streaming on Hulu!

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