Sagittarius season memes are here to add a little liveliness to your feeds

Time for the fire sign to shine with Sagittarius season memes and LOL moments

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Sagittarius season memes are trickling in, dear astro enthusiasts. 

Whether you're searching trending hashtags on TikTok or perusing your Instagram  feed, chances are you've come across many a video and Giph dedicated to the fire sign—their bold personality, their no-nonsense behavior, etc.

Speaking of fire, we can all expect this astrological season to bring a sense of adventure and some optimism (which we could all use). 

"The positive aspects of Sagittarius season are that it encourages us to let loose, plan less and just live in the moment," astrologer Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion (opens in new tab) previously told My Imperfect Life. "The free-spirited energy should be infectious to everyone."

From November 22 to December 21, let's embrace a Sag's passionate energy. 

(Psst: have a close friend with a birthday coming up? Just want to treat yourself? We've got your back: have a look at our favorite gifts for Sagittarius.)

Sagittarius season memes

Like it or not, we're in for a doozy. 

"Fire signs not only spark passion but create a wildfire of frenzy," astrologer Liz Simmons (opens in new tab) previously told us. "Generally speaking, they are often mistaken for being too cutthroat or hurtful. If anything, a fire sign’s honesty is remarkable. It isn’t for the faint of heart or someone who isn't ready for the truth."

Naturally, such a description has given the internet plenty to work with (as evidenced below). And just a friendly reminder: all members of the zodiac can be a handful, and these memes are all in good fun. Regardless of your birth chart, you, too, have some meme-worthy traits!

It's around the corner...

Ready or not, here we come! Anyone else get a chill?

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Texting a Sag

Proceed cautiously when texting a Sagittarius...they tend to have unusual methods.

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A Sagittarius doesn't need any help. That's all well and good...until you look like this little lady below. 

Expectation vs. reality

They're a fire sign for a reason, folks. Are we really so surprised?

Either one or the other

There's no grey area here, folks. A Sagittarius has no issue going from one end of the spectrum to the other.

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Procrastinate? Who, a Sagittarius? Never!

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Spirit Halloween Sag

No surprise here, the Spirit Halloween memes translated into the astrology world, and we think they nailed the Sagittarius costume. What do you think?

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Retail Therapy

Look, sometimes you just need to make a purchase, OK?

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As you can see, Sagittarius is a sign that's very concerned with astrological compatibility. (Jenna, we're looking at you!)

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We wish you a very happy and bold Sag season, dear readers! If you're looking to channel that audacious energy, now's the time.

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