These unusual sex positions will help you last longer in bed—according to an expert

What are the best sex positions to help you last longer? Bet you didn't suspect these seven picks would do the trick

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Want to keep the momentum going? An expert revealed unusual sex positions to help you last longer, boost your sex drive, and allow the friskiest time of the year to keep its title. Just don't expect to be familiar with them.  

Charlotte Johnson and the Mega Pleasure team decided to explore those creative, unique options that reap the benefits. So if you're certain that all of that Vitamin D has gone straight to your libido, have a look at what the sexual wellness company insists will be a pleasurable outcome.

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Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson is a sex and relationship expert and marketing manager with the UK brand sexual wellness brand, MegaPleasure. 

Sex positions to help you last longer, according to an expert

Like the wild Amazon sex position and adventurous pretzel dip position, these moves are sure to find their way into your routine, especially if you're keen on keeping the fun going for as long as possible. 

1. The Yab-Yum

For a sensual experience, Johnson recommends The Yab-Yum.

"This sex position is a great way to get up close and intimate with your partner, with one partner straddling the other facing them, as they sit on the bed or floor (whichever is preferred) cross-legged," she said.

2. The Cross

For a slow-burn road to pleasure, The Cross is big on the build-up. 

"This position entails one partner being positioned on their side, with the other placed just over the genital area, facing upwards," Johnson said. "As this position reduces a lot of thrust movement, it can build intense and exceptional pleasure."

3. The Standing Ovation

Three cheers for The Standing Ovation. Not only is it comfortable for both parties involved, but said comfort allows the fun to keep coming—without an "ouch" afterward. 

"The standing ovation sex move includes one partner laying flat on a surface with their legs vertically in the air. Following this, the other partner then stands up, placing themselves in between their partner's legs," Johnson instructed.

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4.Take a Kneel

Similar to the Standing Ovation in terms of positioning, Take A Kneel is designed to make partners work harder to climax, according to Johnson.

"It also has one partner to be laid on their back but with their feet flat on the other partner’s chest as he kneels down rather than standing," she said. 

Things might get a bit uncomfortable thanks to the first partner's bent legs, but that move is supposed to make it more difficult to reach the finale.

5. The Grinding Missionary

Missionary is said to be the best position for orgasming, but to slow it down and make the effects more satisfying, The Grinding Missionary asks you to do just that (and less thrusting).

6. Sit on the Throne

This maneuver gives you much more control over the sensations. (Well, one partner at any rate.) 

"Just like it sounds, this position involved one partner to be sat on a chair or surface, with the other facing away from them and on their lap," Johnson said. "The second partner is able to take control of this situation and use the hips to go as deep as they want."

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7. The Lazy Dog

A twist on a go-to—especially if you're feeling sluggish—The Lazy Dog has been a crowd-pleaser.

"This sex position essentially entails the same position as doggy but laying down onto the bed or surface, boosting penetration and intensifying stimulation," Johnson said.

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