Here's why the trendy 'Amazon sex position' will be your new go-to move

The 'Amazon sex position' has its benefits, according to sex therapists

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Apologies to the coconut challenge and the belly press, but the "Amazon sex position" has reemerged for some well-deserved time in the spotlight. 

Although it seems like FYPs are swarming with new TikTok sex hacks every minute, this twist on a classic will stand the test of time, according to sexperts, and everyone needs it in their bag of tricks. If you're in favor of a little experimentation, why not see why this buzzy maneuver is getting everyone hot and bothered?

What is the 'Amazon sex position'?

No, it has nothing to do with the rainforest or the retail giant. This go-to move is essentially a tweak on missionary, a.k.a. the best position for orgasming. (Science says, folks!) 

"The Amazon sex position combines missionary and cowgirl," says certified sex therapist, Aliyah Moore. "It involves the penetrating partner lying on their back with their knees up while the partner being penetrated straddles them with their knees on either side."

See, not terribly challenging, like say the twisty pretzel dip position. But the pleasure lies in the simplicity and the control that the partner on top experiences, since it grants easy access to a O-worthy spot. 

"It can be a great position for clitoral stimulation, as the partner on top has more control over the angle and pressure," Moore adds. "It allows for intimate eye contact and kissing between partners, which can help increase emotional connection and intimacy."

And, once again, science insists that kissing during intimate moments is not just the secret to having really good sex, but it can lead to powerful orgasms

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Aliyah Moore, Ph.D.

Aliyah Moore is a certified sex therapist, the resident Sexpert at Sexual Alpha, a relationship expert and a proud Black bi-sexual femme who is passionate about empowering minority voices and the LGBTQ+ community to embrace their sexuality and identity. You can find her work on Refinery29, Scary Mommy, Mindbodygreen and more. 

Why should you try the 'Amazon sex position'?

The Amazon is fun to try, and it allows certain players to take the lead and cater their bedroom romp to their liking. 

"The Amazon sex position is a great contender for those that love power play, as the person on top has complete control over how much penetration is received," says Charlotte Johnson, a sex and relationship expert at Mega Pleasure. "The person with the vulva will sit on top, entirely dominant and powerful, resembling the Amazon; a female warrior."

That control will also help women who might've experienced discomfort during penetration to take their time and move at a pace—and depth—that works well for them. 

"This sex position is particularly helpful for those that might suffer from pain during sex, known as dyspareunia, as it’s a lot slower for penetration and isn’t necessarily intended for deep penetration either," Johnson adds. 

Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson is a sex and relationship expert and marketing manager with the UK brand sexual wellness brand, MegaPleasure. 

But there are a few things to note before venturing into the Amazon. For one, talk to your partner and make sure they're on board with giving something new a go. But, you'll also want to know your physical limits.

"The partner on the bottom may need to be flexible and able to support themselves with their legs, [and] it may not provide enough stimulation for the partner on the bottom," Moore adds. "It may not be comfortable or feasible for all body types or physical abilities."

Should you be able to give this a try, don't get discouraged if it takes a little bit of time. "Executing and maintaining the position may take some determination and patience," Moore adds. 

Once comfortably on top, however, you expect to burn some calories—a true win-win. 

"It can be a great workout for the partner on top, as they are using their core muscles to support themselves and move," Moore adds. 

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