The benefits of morning sex will make you gladly rise and shine

Science says morning sex is a great way to start the day, so set your alarm accordingly

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Why not trade in your cup of Joe for a round of morning sex? Science says a little frisky behavior first thing in the a.m. has its benefits, and who are we to deny facts?

Although we've been conditioned to start the day with popular workout trends and vitamins, orgasms should not be discounted. Hitting your pleasure points will not only put you in a good mood before that morning meeting, it'll also provide health perks—a win-win all round. 

So set your alarm accordingly and allow for a little playtime before rolling over to scroll through emails. Your body will thank you. 

Benefits of morning sex

No, it's not a myth. Fun between the sheets will make waking up more pleasurable, plus it's a biologically appropriate time to fool around. Estrogen levels are at a high, and this hormone increases libido in women, according to a Hormones and Behavior study. You're not going to ignore those promising statistics, right?

And, as you're well aware, sex is a mood-booster and stress-reliever. A little intimacy will release endorphins and generate a pleasurable disposition. Wouldn’t you want to start your day on a high note before chaos ensues and your inbox implodes?

Furthermore, studies from the University of Cincinnati indicate that fun activities will help reduce stress hormones, and we all know what work is capable of doing to our stress levels (psst! These office workout exercises can also be helpful while on the job and away from the bedroom). 

Not that you need any more convincing but just in case, orgasms will give your immune system a jolt. If you're going to have to fight germs and viruses—or get rid of those painful menstrual cramps—you might as well make the process enjoyable. 

So why not make a few adjustments to your routine and start the day with morning sex? If you're going at it solo, we've found different types of vibrators that are happy to help you reach peak satisfaction.

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

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