'Sex/Life' season 2 is a go! The steamy Netflix series has officially been renewed

What's happening with 'Sex/Life' season 2? Here's what you need to know

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Billie's making a comeback. Sex/Life season 2 has officially been confirmed, and fans of the sexy Netflix series are dying to know one thing: Cooper...or Brad?!

The book-based Netflix show follows a suburban mother, Billie, who can't quite let go of a steamy past with her toxic ex, Brad (Adam Demos). Though she seemingly has it all—a beautiful house, a loyal husband and two little ones—Billie's journaling and fantasizing about an old flame threaten her happiness, and she's not entirely sure what—and who—will make her feel complete. 

"To create a show about empowered female sexuality that has entranced so many millions of viewers is not only immensely fun but also incredibly gratifying," showrunner Stacy Rukeyser told TVLine

Here's what we know so far about Billie's next chapter. 

*WARNING: Season 1 spoilers ahead!*

When will 'Sex/Life' season 2 premiere?

After much speculation, Sex/Life season 2 is officially underway, but we're going to have to be patient. Though we're all eager to learn Billie's fate, a release date has yet to be confirmed. However, we predict a new season is likely to hit the streaming service at some point in 2022. 

Lead actress Sarah Shahi is mainly focused on Billie's evolution. She revealed to E! News that she wants the focus to be on her character's journey.

Shahi said: "For me, what it comes down to is having the guts to say I want more and going after that. And that doesn't make you a bad parent to want that. You can still be a wife and a mom and be a sexual goddess at the same time."

What will 'Sex/Life' season 2 be about? 

We're not entirely sure what's going through Billie's mind, as season 1 left us on quite a cliffhanger. Our distressed protagonist felt as though her marriage to Cooper (Mike Vogel) would leave her satisfied. However, we find her back with Brad at the end of the show, wondering how he'd feel about the two of them giving their love another shot. (We don't get that answer...yet.) 

We have a ton of questions: Who will Billie choose? Will Cooper's very eager boss Francesca finally get her chance with him? What will happen to Sasha and Billie's "relationship"? (As you might recall, Sasha had been sleeping with her best friend's ex, making the situation all the more complicated.) 

There's going to be a lot to sort through for sure, and the followup installment is most likely going to be juicier than its predecessor. 

Is there a 'Sex/Life' season 2 trailer?

Not just yet, but as soon as we get a sneak peek into Billie's next chapter, we'll be sure to share the goods with you!

What to do before 'Sex/Life' season 2 premieres

If you're wondering what inspired Sex/Life, good news: It's inspired by BB Easton's memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men

Easton, a real-life school psychologist, was adjusting to late-night feedings with her baby and decided to use her downtime for reading. When she decided to dig into the erotica genre, things got complicated.

After snagging a copy of the infamous Fifty Shades trilogy, she began to write about her own relationship adventures. Like Billie, BB's husband uncovers the journal and thus, the sexy memoir-turned-TV-series came to be. (Though the Netflix writers have taken a few liberties with the material, of course.) 

44 Chapters About 4 Men

Amazon, 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton ($15)

A school psychologist adjusts to life as a wife and new mom by keeping a sexy journal of her past love lives. But what exactly happens when her husband finds out about her new creative endeavors? 

You'll want to hold onto your hats: the escapades continue with a spinoff series with four entries—SkinSpeedStar and Suit—each dedicated to a lover from 44 Chapters.

Looks like we'll be plenty busy until Sex/Life season 2 comes out. Netflix, we're patiently waiting.

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