'Squid Game' memes: the best posts that are guaranteed to make you laugh

Leave it to the internet!

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The internet never fails to disappoint and the latest craze flooding our feeds comes in the shape of Squid Game memes. Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram's most clever brains have convinced us that the Korean thriller is more relatable than we might've suspected—you know, minus the whole life or death scenario. 

TV's latest obsession puts a gruesome twist on children's pastimes, and viewers everywhere are hooked by the high-stakes ultimatums. Somehow, the series' characters and scenarios resonate with us perfectly, even though the plot is (thankfully) far-fetched and unrealistic. 

It was only a matter of time before the internet worked its magic with a plethora of laugh-out-loud moments. Now, the players, guards, Oh Il-Nam (meme royalty), and Ji-Yeong have become part of our everyday jargon. Though a few scenes of the Netflix hit might make you inclined to cover your eyes, these LOL internet gems will make your eyes water with laughter.

Ready to check 'em out? We thought so. 

'Squid Game' memes: Reddit, Instagram and Twitter's best posts

Season one of Squid Game on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix / YOUNGKYU PARK)

1. Having Zoom fatigue

Oh Il-Nam's exhaustion is the epitome of our early-morning video chats with colleagues. Can you tell that this whole working-from-home routine is getting to us?

2. Deciding not to drink...

You feel like death, you call it quits and vow never to take a sip of liquor again. But, then there's that second wind...

3. ...regretting drinking

While Beer Pong and Flip Cup were college rites of passage, taking shots and playing games with your booze doesn't sit well as you age. Again, Oh Il-Nam's fatigue looks like any adult after a night of excessive drinking. 

4. Feeling nostalgic

That rap number really shows your age, and Squid Game is not here for it. If you bust a move, it's proof that you're no longer a 20-something, and you have to go...

5. Confusing TV shows

One Twitter user brilliantly segued into a SpongeBob reference. Clearly, the premise of Squid Game is something she is not entirely familiar with. 

6. Regretting going out

We all experience FOMO, but we're never one to decline a night in bed with our favorite Netflix shows (obviously) and some snacks. The look on Oh Il-Nam's face is us the minute we decide to step out and socialize when we'd rather be in a blanket cocoon.

7. Getting annoyed with cyclists   

It seems those on bikes oftentimes mistake their set of wheels for an actual automobile and insist on riding right in the middle of the road. There really are no other options for these type of bikers, and this meme is proof. 

8. Contemplating feelings

Ever wonder why you ball like a baby during the most ridiculous of rom coms, yet your SO can't even muster up a tear? This meme gets it. 

gganbu from r/SquidGameMemes

9. Mistaking characters

Is it just us, or have we seen these Squid Game characters somewhere before?

po_wants_to_play from r/SquidGameMemes

10. Dogs embarking on their own 'Squid Games'

Honestly, need we say more?

11. Ditching Halloween plans

Yeah that party sounds like a good time (and Squid Game Halloween costumes are the biggest trend of 2021) but sitting home on the couch rewatching the nine-episode series for the umpteenth time sounds better than a monster mash. 

_ from r/SquidGameMemes

Considering Bridgerton has been dethroned as the most-watched Netflix series and Squid Game has earned the title, you might want to check it out for yourself!

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