When is the 'Too Hot To Handle' season 4 release date? The series is returning sooner than you think

Mark your calendars: the 'Too Hot To Handle' season 4 release date is swiftly approaching!

Too Hot To Handle season 4: release date, cast, trailer and more
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Netflix's Too Hot To Handle season 4 release date is almost here and we're ready for even more reality dating show drama. (Yes, we simply didn't get enough from that Love Is Blind season 3 reunion.)

The premise of Too Hot To Handle is just as cringey as Love Is Blind, but make no mistake, we're planning to stream the new season in its entirety. In the former, singles are put in close quarters with potential matches, but they're unable to physically act on their desires, unbeknownst to them. Any physical touch will result in dwindling prize money, but it is likely pairs will find out this important tidbit when it's a tad too late. 

Lana, who bears a striking resemblance to Amazon's Alexa gadget, shows up halfway through the series to inform the contestant of the rules: no touching. Will they be able to stay celibate in order to rake in the dough? Their prize money—and their peers' prize money—is on the line. 

To make matters all the more difficult, said contestants initially believe they're on another reality show entirely, so it's highly likely that they're already attempting to get physical. During the fourth season, the participants are tricked into believing they're about to participate in Wild Love, a brand-new series all about adventure and romance.

In the faux teaser, host Mario Lopez says: "This is Wild Love, the dating show that harnesses the power of adrenaline to help you fall in love harder, and more intensely, than ever. Ten super hot singles are about to push their love lives to the limits." (This fake series is starting to sound like the romantic equivalent to Below Deck Adventure, don't you think?) 

We have a hunch that the contestants might find Wild Love a bit more feasible than Too Hot To Handle's rules. Then again, we have yet to meet the new millennials and Gen Zers looking for love, and you know what they say about assuming...

When is the 'Too Hot To Handle' season 4 release date?

Unlike previous seasons, Too Hot To Handle season 4 will be split into two volumes: the first five episodes will debut on Wednesday, December 7 on the streamer, and the remaining five will air a week later on Wednesday, December 14. Mark your calendars accordingly!

What time does 'Too Hot To Handle' come out?

Too Hot To Handle season 4 will kick off on Wednesday, December 7 at 12 am Pacific Time and 3am Eastern Time. 

Watch the 'Too Hot To Handle' trailer:

'Too Hot To Handle' season 4 contestants

Curious about who's who this season? The contestants have officially been revealed so check out the Too Hot To Handle season 4 cast to make the proper introductions. This season's bunch of twentysomething singletons include entrepreneurs, students and several models. 

Once you meet the new daters, you'll likely see a few crossovers—after all, THTH alumna Melinda Berry did host Netflix's new experiment, Dated & Related. (Psst: here's where the Dated & Related couples stand now if you're curious.) 

If you need us, we'll be busy with our extensive Netflix lineup. Cheers to a lot of romance and drama on our TV queues!

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