Here's where you've seen Melinda Berry from 'Dated & Related' before

The reality TV host is seeing drama unfold from a new angle this time

melinda berry headshot at the villa of dated and related on netflix
(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

Someone pick up the lip phone—Melinda Berry is calling! 

When the kitschy landline rings, the Dated & Related host is typically gearing up to drop a bombshell on the hopeful romantics who are in search of their other half...and the $100,000 cash prize. 

Netflix has put its own spin on Love Island with this unique new reality show that asks contestants to find love for themselves while being a wingman (or wingwoman) to their sibling. 

Since Berry's no stranger to odd reality dating shows, or helping out her loved ones, she was the perfect selection for the gig. And she seemingly enjoyed watching the romance unfold. 

"I come from a massive family of 16 siblings, so I was like, 'It’s a no brainer,' she told Metro. "I know what it’s like to find love. I know what it’s like to not find love. And I have a big family. So I’m like, 'This is my field. I know exactly how to do this.'"

It wasn't always smooth sailing in the French villa, but Berry definitely made her mark with shocking reveals and a few twists here and there.

Who is Melinda Berry?

dated and related's host melinda berry outside of the french villa of dated and related

(Image credit: Ana Blumenkron/Netflix)

You've likely spotted the 29-year-old reality TV vet on Netflix before when she joined the Too Hot To Handle cast for season 2. Like Dated & Related, the show's premise is bizarre: in order to snag a $100,000 cash prize, the couples who pair up will have to remain celibate...if possible. 

Berry found love with the show's winner, Marvin Anthony. Although it seemed like a good match, ultimately the two parted ways. She also sparked dating rumors with a fellow Too Hot To Handle contestant, Peter Vigilante, though it looks like nothing materialized there, either. 

While snooping on Instagram, we also came across a few shots of her with a first-name-basis-only producer, Theo. However, at the time, the Netflix dating show darling has claimed she is currently single. 

Berry is also a model and can be seen rocking some sexy ensembles all throughout the place she calls home, New York City. As an influencer, she partners with various fashion brands, like Abercrombie and Daniel Wellington.

Her Instagram not only sports glossy shots but selfies at events like Gov Ball and simple afternoon summer strolls downtown. 

We do have to say, we appreciate her sense of humor, too. We can definitely relate to this laugh-out-loud-worthy meme about—what else?—love. Very on brand, of course.

As far as what's next, we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for her next big venture, but it appears she's open to all types of roles in the reality TV realm. 

"It also felt good to be talent and to sit back and be like, 'Wow, this is fun.' It was also good to watch the contestants behind the scenes and seeing how some of them were very vulnerable and just very raw and open," she told Metro about hosting and starring in a reality show. 

For those who are anxious to make their way back to a villa, check out Dated & Related, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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