Will we be getting Twentysomethings: Austin season 2?

Netflix may be renewing the new reality TV series...

Twentysomethings: Austin. (L to R) Abbey Humphreys, Kamari Bonds in Twentysomethings: Austin. Cr. Netflix © 2021
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Twentysomethings: Austin season 2 feels like an inevitable move for Netflix, considering the popularity of the new reality TV series. But will it actually happen? 

The subject of our latest TV obsession and new show, Twentysomethings: Austin follows eight young singletons in their twenties as they move from different parts of the US to start a new life in Austin, Texas. The girls live together in one house, while the guys live together in another right next door. They all have a lot or life to catch up on after being stuck in lockdown for over a year and they don't plan on wasting any time. 

The first season introduced us to; Abbey Humphreys, a recently-divorced 25-year-old leaning into independence and exploring her bisexuality, Raquel Daniels (aka Roxy) who works in IT and is keen on branching out in the Austin tech community, Bruce Stephenson, a family guy looking for his dream girl, Natalie Cabo, an extrovert hoping to escape her strict parents and enjoy the dating life, Kamari Bonds, a male model, and aspiring businessman, Keauno Perez (aka Kiki), a gay man exploring the LGBTQ+ life in Austin after leaving Arkansas, Isha Punja, an "educated ditz" following her fashion designer dreams, and Michael Fractor, an aspiring stand-up comic desperate to find love. 

The series shows the gang forming new friendships, relationships/situationships, and kickstarting their careers with new job opportunities in Austin.

So, will we be reunited with them for a second season?

Stars of twentysomethings: Austin, Isha Punja, Michael Fractor, Kamari Bonds, Natalie Cabo, Abbey Humphreys, Bruce Stephenson, Keauno Perez, Raquel Daniels

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Will there be a Twentysomethings: Austin season 2?

The title of the show suggests that Netflix plan on making 'Twentysomethings' a franchise, with Austin perhaps being the first location of many. Of course, this has not been confirmed nor has Netflix mentioned anything about expanding the show to different cities across the US, but we can totally see it happening—wishful thinking, eh? 

The show debuted with six episodes in early December before Netflix released the second batch of six episodes on December 17. This still counts as part of the first season, taking a deeper dive into the cast members as they grow closer in their coming-of-age process. 

Is there a release date? 

As a second season has yet to be announced, there is no release date as it stands but we've got our eyes peeled on Netflix for any updates. 

Who will be in the cast?

If we do get a second season then it is likely that the cast members will return. However, if the show does move to a new city then we will likely be introduced to a whole new cast. Either way, we'll be tuning in!

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