The ultimate nostalgia TV list to comfort you when you need it most

‘Friends’? ‘Glee’? These are just a couple of the ultimate nostalgia TV list top hits. Explore them all!

How to watch Friends online:Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer, cast members of the hit NBC series "Friends," react during a scene on one of their last shows on the Warner Bros lot Sept. 12, 2003 in Burbank, CA.
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Sometimes, your favorite series is better the second time around...or third...or 15th. Now wellness experts have compiled the ultimate nostalgia TV list, and it's proof that our go-to characters are like a warm hug—even if they're werewolves.  

Sure Friends might've turned off for good in 2004, but we'll always need a Central Perk catch-up. Likewise, we'll never deny ourselves a get-together with Lorelai and Rory in Stars Hallow. And did you think for a second we'd part ways with the 2000's nostalgia Serena and Blair have given us? Not happening. 

The science behind our obsession with nostalgia explains what keeps us coming back for more, and it's just what we need after two years of uncertainty. Wellness and relaxation specialists at (opens in new tab) did some social media sleuthing to uncover which shows we’re most attached to, and we predict there will be a Netflix marathon in your future—and then some.  

“Nostalgia creates a sense of familiarity, and a place for you to temporarily escape,” the professionals note. “Watching the same show multiple times creates peace and order when you are feeling most chaotic, creating a sense of safety and comfort.”

So get some popcorn at the ready and enjoy the show, despite the fact you already know each episode word for word. 

The Ultimate Nostalgia TV List

By taking a look at hashtags and their popularity on various social media platforms, uncovered what is most beloved according to TikTok and Instagram. Have a look at the findings and see where your favorite throwbacks stack up! (Hint: now is the time to channel your favorite 2000s fashion trends.)

Even better? We'll tell you which streaming platform to select for each show. You can sign up for several of the best streaming services below.

1. The Vampire Diaries at 16.8 billion hashtags (Netflix)
2. Teen Wolf at 15.5 billion hashtags (Netflix)
3. Gossip Girl at 4.8 billion hashtags (HBO Max)
4. Glee at 3.8 billion hashtags (Netflix)
5. Gilmore Girls at 2.1 billion hashtags (Netflix)
6. Pretty Little Liars at 1.9 billion hashtags (Netflix)
7. Friends at 1.6 billion hashtags (HBO Max)
8. One Tree Hill at 913.6 million hashtags (Hulu)
9. How I Met Your Mother at 584.8 million hashtags (Netflix)
10. Desperate Housewives at 500.9 million hashtags (Disney+)

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively in Gossip Girl

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1. Teen Wolf at 6.7 million hashtags (Netflix)
2. The Vampire Diaries at 5.2 million hashtags (Netflix)
3. Pretty Little Liars at 3.8 million hashtags (Netflix)
4. Grey's Anatomy at 3.8 million hashtags (Hulu)
5. Sister, Sister at 2.7 million hashtags (Netflix)
6. Glee at 2.6 million hashtags (Netflix)
7. Gossip Girl at 2.4 million hashtags (HBO Max)
8. Friends at 1.1 million hashtags (HBO Max)
9. Sex and the City at 1.1 million hashtags (HBO Max)
10. How I Met Your Mother at 612,000 hashtags (Netflix)

GREY'S ANATOMY - (Standing) Isaiah Washington as "Dr. Preston Burke," Ellen Pompeo as "Meredith Grey," Patrick Dempsey as "Dr. Derek Shepherd," Kate Walsh as "Dr. Addison Shepherd," T.R. Knight as "George O'Malley," Justin Chambers as "Alex Karev," Chandra Wilson as "Miranda Bailey," James Pickens, Jr. as "Dr. Richard Webber," (Sitting) Sandra Oh as "Cristina Yang" and Katherine Heigl as "Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens" star on "Grey's Anatomy" on the Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images Television Network.

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Where will you start on your nostalgic TV binge? We're going to rewatch Sex and the City until And Just Like That premieres later this month! 

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