The 'spontaneous' Venus in Sagittarius focuses on passion—here's how you'll be affected

'Venus in Sagittarius is the ideal time to explore, discover and expand,' says astrologer Ivana Naskova

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We have cosmic positivity on the way: Venus in Sagittarius! 2022's transit will be hyper-focused on passion, and we're anxious to see what the stars have planned.

For all the hopeful romantics and adventurers out there, consider the planet's move from Scorpio to be an astrology gift from the cosmos themselves. How kind!

"Venus shifts the romantic energy from intense to a more relaxed and go-with-the-flow kind of mood," says Ivana Naskova, an astrologer for Nebula. "Of course, there is still plenty of passion as Sagittarius is a fire sign, but we tend to take things less seriously, and our cheerful side rises to the surface." 

No problems there! Between Venus' movements and Jupiter going direct in Pisces on November 23, we're gearing up for good vibes, which is a welcomed relief after eclipse season 2022. Upwards and onwards, dear astro enthusiasts. 

Meet the expert: Ivana Naskova

Ivana Naskova is a Western Astrologer with seven years of experience who works with Nebula: Horoscope&Astrology App. She’s most passionate about helping people to figure out love and career matters and find their inner peace using astrology.

Venus in Sagittarius 2022: what to know

  • When: November 16 to December 9, 2022

Somewhat like Jupiter, Venus offers us an opportunity for growth, and being in the fiery Sag, there will be an emphasis on relationships, connections and meeting new people. But don't expect intensity—there's a "go with the flow" vibe. 

"Venus in Sagittarius is the ideal time to explore, discover and expand," Naskova says. "If you are in a relationship, you will do it with your partner, inspired to learn together. On the other hand, if you are single, you could find love when you least expect it, as Venus is pretty spontaneous and adventurous under this transit."

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Venus in Sagittarius 2022: important dates

November 23

There's quite a lot cooking celestially on November 23: the star of Sagittarius season, Jupiter going direct and the new moon forming a conjunction in Venus. Oh my!

With so much taking place, Naskova insists it's about doing away with things that are no longer serving us and embracing what's ahead. 

"Venus, which allows you to leave the past behind and let go of all the emotional baggage," Naskova says. "It is the ideal time to tap into your emotions and understand what your heart craves."

November 30

Although Venus is presenting us with some positives, November 30 does make things challenging with Venus' opposition to Mars retrograde

"Please don't make any rushed and in-the-moment decisions, as your mind tends to change quickly," Naskova warns.

How will Venus in Sagittarius affect each sign? 

Curious how your zodiac will fare during Venus' transit? Naskova fills us in!


Depending on your romantic situation, you will either take things to a new level with your partner or meet someone new who you find very intriguing...and vice versa.


"With Venus in Sagittarius, love is more of a universal kind for you," Naskova says. 


Enjoy living life to the fullest and getting acquainted with new people in your circle, Gemini. 


It's OK to change your mind, Cancer. If you want to do away with past experiences and opt for something new, now's the perfect time to give 'em all a try. 


Unsurprisingly, you're shining right now, Leo. Enjoy new experiences while you're charming everyone in your path. 


Grow with your S.O. and really get in tune with one another during this transit. 


You'll be anxious to expand beyond your boundaries during this time and enjoy stimulating connections.


Life will be richer for you "spiritually, personally and professionally," according to Naskova.


Let the good times roll! 

"It is your time to shine and amaze everyone around you, as your charm is magnetic, and hardly anyone can resist you," Naskova reveals.


Trust and honesty are big ones for you, Cap, and during this transit, you'll want to hang on close to the people who exude these traits.


"Your love is centered on friends as you understand the significance of having people who support and love you," Naskova says.


You might find yourself taking risks during this time, Pisces, and it's possible your personal and professional worlds will integrate.

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