Will Wednesday and Xavier be able to move on from that disastrous Nevermore semester?

Can Wednesday and Xavier actually...be friends? We're holding out hope

Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe at the carnival in Wednesday
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Unsurprisingly, Wednesday and Xavier got off to a rocky start when she first arrived  at Nevermore Academy. 

Although Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones) were excited to send Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) to their alma mater, a boarding school for outcasts, she was less than pleased with the situation—especially when Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) took an interest in her arrival and warned her against socializing with Jericho "normie" Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan). Wednesday does not take kindly to direction. 

They had more than a few ups and downs throughout the series debut, but we're holding out hope that the two find common ground in Wednesday season 2—and perhaps form a friendship the way our "little death trap" did with her bubbly, pastel-loving, snood-wearing roomie, Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). (No word yet on whether or not Wednesday season 2 has been greenlit, but we're fairly confident this story isn't over yet.) 

What happened between Wednesday and Xavier in season 1 of 'Wednesday'?

Nevermore Academy is home to a unique student body: werewolves, sirens, vampires and more supernatural teens. Both Wednesday and Xavier are psychics. When our spooky pigtail-wearing heroine gets close to someone, she's able to get a peek into future events. When Xavier gets these visions, they're often of the frightening monsters terrorizing the Nevermore neighborhood. 

Wednesday, who's hellbent on using her powers to stop the horrific attacks, finds it kind of suspicious that Tyler is able to use his visions of the monsters and paint them...in his secluded art studio in the woods, just where all the attacks keep taking place. Well, that's certainly an interesting coincidence, don't you think?

Is Xavier the monster in 'Wednesday'?

Wednesday's instincts seem to hint that Xavier is responsible for all of the deaths surrounding the Jericho and Nevermore community. She's so convinced that she even gets the sheriff (Tyler's father) involved in Xavier's arrest.

"I tried to be your friend, look where that got me," he said to Wednesday while behind bars. "Every time you get involved, people get hurt. You're toxic. All you ever do is make things worse."

She was very trusting of Tyler midway through the season—which she admits while he goes in for a kiss—only to realize that she had made a huge mistake and Xavier's warnings were not for naught. Now, the wrong person—the perceived monster—was behind bars when it was really a "normie" wreaking havoc all along!

Will Wednesday and Xavier be able to move on?

Given that Xavier still manages to have Wednesday's back after the mystery behind the real Hyde (monster) is uncovered, we have a feeling this was just a rift between the two that will heal. Look, she wanted nothing to do with Enid at the start of the series, and by the end, they're thick as thieves, and yes, even go in for an unthinkable hug!

Wednesday not only taught us the importance of embracing our quirkiness and doing good for those around us, but it shed an important light on trust issues, too. Sometimes we're deceived, and sometimes we don't want to see what's right in front of us. Learning who we can trust is not always an easy process, but we feel grateful once we find out who's who.

"I got to really bond with everyone over there and make genuine friends," Percy said about his co-stars in a CBC interview. "A year later it comes to the premiere and it all comes to fruition. That was an incredible night and I think I'm going to have some of those friends forever. More than anything, that's what I'll take away from [the show]."

Wednesday is now available for streaming on Netflix

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