Emma Myers, a.k.a. Enid Sinclair from 'Wednesday', is the perky best friend we all need

'I have never screamed so loud in my entire life,' Emma Myers admitted when she landed the role of Enid

emma myers as enid sinclair in wednesday on netflix
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Emma Myers has added a welcoming pop of color to the Addams Family's inner circle.

The rising star plays the perky Enid Sinclair on Wednesday, Netflix's adaptation of the kooky series, alongside horror darling Jenna Ortega, the latest actor to don Miss Addams' iconic pigtails and grimace. Enid's the yin to Wednesday's yang—bubbly, colorful, talkative and big fan of hugs. Wednesday is allergic to color, happiness and friendship, so it makes this dorm pairing less than ideal. 

Throughout the series, the two Nevermore Academy counterparts surprisingly begin to form a special bond, and seemingly prove that opposites do attract. Enid might be a newcomer to the Addams' world, but longtime fans of the classic story welcomed the werewolf-to-be with open arms and pastel-colored claws—just what she'd like. 

"I have never screamed so loud in my entire life," Myers told Grazia about landing her breakout role. 

And scream she did, especially when following Wednesday's quest to track down the monsters terrorizing Jericho. But to her credit, Myers has earned just as much fanfare as our macabre heroine, so let's get to know the actor behind the role. 

Where is Emma Myers from?

Though Emma was born in Los Angeles, she hails from Orlando, Florida, and took her first steps into the acting world at a mere 8 years old. 

Emma Myers age

Born on April 2, 2002, Emma is currently 20 years old. And she's an Aries! We have a feeling Enid is all over her monthly horoscope predictions, wouldn't you agree?

What has Emma Myers played in?

Emma first got into acting as a little girl and landed her first role in 2010's Letters to God. She has also starred in TV shows such as Dead of Night and The Baker and the Beauty. Her latest notable role before Wednesday was in 2021's Girl in the Basement, where she played Marie Cody. 

The Tim Burton-backed series has been a turning point in Myers' career, and undoubtedly, one she'll never forget. 

"There’s a really good message the show promotes: embrace your weirdness! Be kooky, be who you are. I would love for younger audiences to learn that," she further revealed to Grazia

What's next for Emma Myers?

We're still waiting for confirmation on Wednesday season 2, but we're pretty confident that Wednesday, Enid, Tyler, Bianca and the rest of the crew will make a return to Nevermore. But before Emma rocks Enid's pastel pink and blue hairspray once more, Myers is taking a slightly different path in her next project for Netflix—she'll be joining Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms in the forthcoming comedy, Family Leave.

That's just stop #1 on her journey—she plans on tackling plenty more. 

"I would love to do more films—especially fantasy ones," she revealed to Grazia. "I would love to do something with Oscar Isaac. He’s so incredible and talented. If I could act with him, that would be a dream role. I’d also love to do a Christopher Nolan film."

Looks like Emma is off to a scary-good start! We'll be here, patiently waiting to see what happens next.

The first season of Tim Burton's Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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