Who is Wendi from 'Love Is Blind' and how is she wrapped up in the Paul and Micah drama?

We didn't see much of Wendi, 'Love Is Blind' dater, in season 4 but we're hearing a lot about her now from Micah's ex Paul

Wendi Love Is Blind, Wendi in season 4 of Love is Blind
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Wendi, Love Is Blind dater, may not have had much screen time in season 4 but she's certainly getting attention after the fact. 

Yes, Kacia Clark wasn't the only Love Is Blind season 4 cast member making their way into headlines following that messy (and much-delayed) reunion. While the former caused some drama between Jackie and Marshall when Jackie alleged during the reunion that her ex wanted the engagement ring back to propose to another woman in the pods (a.k.a. Kacia), Wendi has found herself wrapped up in all of that Micah and Paul mess. 

Not only that, but Wendi was actually one-half of a Love Is Blind season 4 couple whose engagement and relationship we didn't actually get to see on the show. But who was she engaged to? And how does she factor into Paul and Micah's failed romance? Here's what we know.

Who is Wendi, 'Love Is Blind' season 4 dater? 

Wendi Kong is a 28-year-old aerospace engineer, a native of Seattle, Washington, and a member of the season 4 Love Is Blind cast. According to her official cast bio on Netflix Tudum, Wendy had "no time" and was "too content" to prioritize dating due to her busy career and social life, but she still wanted to participate in the reality dating show to meet "potentially find love" anyway. 

"As for her kind of guy, Wendi is all about a partner who exudes 'compassion, commitment and energy' if he’s going to keep up with her on the hiking trail or in the gym," continued the bio. Did she find what she was looking for in the pods? Let's find out!

Who was Wendi engaged to?

It's become a norm that there are couples on Love Is Blind whose romantic journeys we actually don't get to see play out onscreen for one reason or another. Wendi's relationship with fellow dater, 29-year-old technical product manager Jimmy Forde, was one of two engagements during season four to happen off-camera. 

“I revealed things that probably would’ve taken months and months and months of consistently dating one person in the real world to reveal,” Wendi told Tudum of her connection with Jimmy. 

She called Jimmy's proposal to her in the pods "very exciting" but also "a mix of relief," adding: "Like, ‘Oh, OK, I can do things at my own pace now.’" 

Though the couple wasn't chosen to travel to Mexico with the rest of the cast, their relationship continued when they left the pods and returned to their home of Seattle, Washington. “That’s where it started going back down to earth and everything started to unravel a bit,” Jimmy told Tudum.

After three months of dating post-pods, Wendi and Jimmy ultimately decided to split, though she doesn't regret participating in the dating experiment. “It was definitely recalibrating for me. [The show] pushed me and stretched me in ways that I wouldn’t have normally been stretched,” she said. 

Did Wendi date Paul from 'Love Is Blind'?

During that Tudum interview, Wendi disclosed that after her split from Jimmy, she got "really close" to Paul Peden who, as you know, proposed to Micah but ultimately left her hanging at the altar in that Love Is Blind season 4 finale. 

Paul told E! News that after his break-up with Micah, he and Wendi rekindled their connection from the pods: "There was another girl Wendi, the aerospace engineer. I talked to her a lot. I had an insane connection with her." He revealed they did date, though they were "never exclusive."

However, their similarities were "almost too much," Paul told the outlet. "I like myself, but I don't know if I like myself that much that I want to marry myself. We were really similar."

All four seasons of Love Is Blind are available to stream on Netflix.

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