What is a twin flame and what are the signs you found yours?

Perhaps you've found your twin flame, meaning a karmic situation is unfolding. Here's what to expect

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Our spiritual senses are tingling. Can you feel that intense pull? That sense of familiarity? Perhaps it's a twin flame, meaning you've stumbled upon the person who's essentially an extension of yourself. The concept is often mentioned on TikTok and Twitter (especially if you follow astrologers), but what is it all about? We spoke to the experts... 

What does twin flame mean?

"In a way, your twin flame is kind of like your spirit dividing into two," says author and astrologer Narayana Montufar "It's like looking in the mirror at yourself, all of your imperfections and all of your gifts and talents." 

Consider a twin flame one soul, but two bodies. Coming across one another—which doesn't necessarily happen to everyone—will result in some intense emotions.

Twin flame signs: How do you know if you've met your twin flame?

Trust yourself, you will know!

"When it happens and you encounter that person, it's this crazy, intense kind of outer-worldly or karmic situation because you know them so well," Narayana says. 

She notes that there are plenty of factors to help you indicate whether or not you've crossed paths with your twin flame, including: 

  • You feel safe and familiar with this person 
  • You feel a magnetic pull and a sensitivity towards this person's energy
  • Your strengths, weaknesses, and fears mirror one another's identically
  • Your likeness is almost spooky
  • You feel as though you've met before, even if you haven't

When to look out for your twin flame

Narayana believes that a twin flame is likely to show up at a very specific time in a person's life—during a big change, a new chapter, or another symbolic moment. 

"It's almost like a destined situation, because it doesn't happen all the time," she adds.

(If you're curious about your destiny and what the stars have in store for you, be sure to have a look at our 2021 horoscope predictions.)

Twin flame meaning vs. soulmate meaning

"There's some misconception; some people think that the twin flame is kind of like a soulmate, but it's actually not," Narayana says. "A soulmate is another person, it's another spirit. It's not something that derives from your own spirit."

Think of a soulmate as two souls with common similarities, not one that has been separated into two. 

Other important factors to note: a soulmate and a twin flame can oftentimes be associated with romantic partners, but they don't necessarily have to be. While it might be possible to have multiple soulmates throughout your life, you will only encounter one twin flame.

As of late, amid lockdown, loneliness, and a year like no other, people are starting to wonder if they've come across their twin flame— or if they ever will. There's a need for connection, and perhaps explanations. 

"It comes from people really just wanting to find themselves and someone who understands them fully," Narayana says. 

While no one needs anyone else to be complete, twin flames sound like a cool concept to consider when you really hit it off with someone so... keep your eyes peeled! 

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