What is my rising sign? Everything astrologers want you to know

Ever asked, "What is my rising sign?" We talked to the pros about uncovering yours and what it all means

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The astrologically curious might ask, "What is my rising sign" as new seasons approach, planets enter retrograde and new energies manifest. It's only natural to want to probe planetary occurrences to see what the universe has in store for you. We totally get it! 

But there are a few things to note: rising signs are more complex than those 2021 horoscope predictions (which are courtesy of your sun sign), but the exploration will be well worth it. According to the pros, rising signs can unlock so much about your personality. We'll help you determine everything you need to know. 

First thing's first, a quick recap—there are three main signs in astrology: sun, moon and rising signs. All of them reveal something slightly different, but they're not all easy to determine (as you'll soon see). 

A sun sign is the position of the sun at birth, which will place you within one of the 12 zodiac signs—Pisces, Aries, Virgo, etc. This determines your main personality traits. A moon sign is the zodiac sign in which the moon was positioned when you were born, and it is said to represent your emotions. A rising sign—which we detail below—will reveal house positions in your birth chart. They are as follows: 

  • First House - House of Self (ruled by Aries)
  • Second House - House of Value (ruled by Taurus) 
  • Third House - House of Sharing (ruled by Gemini) 
  • Fourth House - House of Home and Family (ruled by Cancer)
  • Fifth House - House of Pleasure (ruled by Leo)
  • Sixth House - House of Health (ruled by Virgo)
  • Seventh House - House of Balance (ruled by Libra) 
  • Eighth House - House of Transformation (ruled by Scorpio) 
  • Ninth House - House of Purpose (ruled by Sagittarius) 
  • Tenth House - House of Enterprise (ruled by Capricorn) 
  • Eleventh House - House of Blessings (ruled by Aquarius) 
  • Twelfth House - House of Sacrifice (ruled by Pisces) 

What is my rising sign?

Fair warning: determining your rising sign, the sign on the eastern horizon the moment you were born, will require digging. 

"It's not like, 'Let me ask my mom' kind of thing, you have to go look at your birth certificate," says Narayana Montufar, astrologer and author of the forthcoming Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power

"The rising sign is what determines the position of the houses in the birth chart—it relates to your childhood, how you were brought up, your perception of reality, and how you approach your external environment," she continues. 

A common misconception is that the sun signs are the most important factor to consider (since you'll just need a date to determine your zodiac standing). However, Montufar notes that professional astrologers will most likely inquire about your rising sign since it's more detailed.

"The sun relates to the identity and the ego, but the rising sign is literally the beginning of your journey here on earth, and you will figure out so much about you [with it]," she says.

Astrologer Renée Watt considers it somewhat like a face mask. 

"It's the energy we give off before someone really gets to know us," she says. "It can also be indicative of how you compose yourself when you're trying to hold it together."

How do I determine my rising sign?

Fortunately, if you have the info—preferably as close to your actual birth time as possible—there are several online calculators that will help you determine your rising sign. Check out what's available on Astrosofa.com and Cafeastrology.com

What does my rising sign say about me?

Consider it a window into your personality, something that goes beyond scratching the surface in all areas of your life. 

"Rising signs play a huge role in your career because it's likely how your colleagues will know you unless you become especially close with your coworkers," Watt says. "Your rising sign is also the energy you take on a first date or a job interview, making it important to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses it carries."

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