Does Mercury retrograde affect relationships? Here's what astrologers say

Relax, the planet of communication isn't all bad—promise!

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Does Mercury retrograde affect relationships? 

Now that the disliked planet is ready for its third backwards spin of the year, we're all stressing about breaking up during Mercury retrograde and having explosive fights with loved ones and colleagues. 

Considering our September cosmic calendar says that we're going to be focusing heavily on our interactions with others, we're a bit worried that all hell is about the break loose. 

So, is it true? Does the messenger planet really mess with our relationships? Only if you allow it. 

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Does Mercury retrograde affect relationships?

"It’s definitely a really important planet when we’re talking about relationships because it has everything to do with communication," says astrologer Noush. "It’s a time to sit back and see how you’re expressing yourself to [your partner]. Can you communicate in a way that’s more understanding of their perspective?"

While yes, our interactions might feel a bit heightened during this time, this doesn't necessarily mean arguments abound. In fact, since the planet of communication is a bit wonky right now, it's the ideal time to review and revise—a key retrograde component—to asses how you can be more considerate of others while still feeling fulfilled yourself. 

Meet the expert: Noush

An astrologer, creative and crystal enthusiast, Noush believes in the combination of energy healing and practical spirituality to bring meaning into our lives. You can learn more about your cosmic blueprint during an astrology reading with her or shop through an incredible collection of healing crystals @jooncrystals

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What else can we expect during this early-autumn astro event?

"It's a time for us to really take a step back and slow right down and question our thoughts and our words by noticing the reality that we're living in and how can we realign to something that feels a little bit better," Noush adds. 

She recommends thinking before speaking, which truthfully is something we should be mindful of even when the planet is direct. During Mercury retrograde 2022 third helping, which runs from September 9 to October 2, she suggests biting your tongue if you feel something abrasive might slip out. 

We're also going to have a heavy focus on commitment,  perhaps thanks to an influence from the autumnal equinox, so if there's anything you want to change in your relationship, have a think and approach your issues constructively, not argumentatively. 

Mercury retrograde and exes

Somehow, Mercury retrograde seems to be the time old lovers find their way back into your DMs—quite the conundrum. 

This could lead to you to contemplate whether or not you should get back with an ex If you find yourself wondering '"Why do I keep dreaming about my ex," or "Should I keep my ex as a backup," astrologers suggest we think twice before giving the green light to former flames. 

Since retrogrades are all about reviewing and revising, ask yourself why this past S.O. is no longer in your life, and if you're better off moving on from them. That's not to say all past relationships are bad—it is possible to stay friends with an ex, but make sure the relationship suits your needs, even if you're no longer romantically involved.

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What to avoid during Mercury retrograde 2022

We cannot tell you what to avoid during certain astrological happenings—it's not the way life works. Instead of fretting that certain planets will cause disarray, take back control and focus on how you present yourself to others. Be mindful of your words and actions. 

Oh, and above all? Let this time work for you, not against you. 

"Maybe it’s trying to show you or teach you that something needs to be fixed," Noush says of the dreaded event.

Sure, things are bound to get a little tricky, but we're confident you'll get through any astrological madness with ease! And when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, enjoy these laugh-out-loud Mercury retrograde memes.

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