What is the 'knee thing' on TikTok? The steamy term is definitely not what you thought

Let's just say TikTok's 'knee thing' will leave you literally weak in them...

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The "knee thing" is the latest term to enter TikTok's ever-growing vocabulary, but it's leaving some users totally baffled.

Joining the likes of "boyfriend air" and the "mascara' trend," this phenomenon can be misleading, but make no mistake, it is indeed one of the popular TikTok sex hacks circulating FYPs. So, what is it, exactly? We'll tell you one thing: it's pretty stimulating! Read on for all the steamy deets you need to know.

What is the 'knee thing' on TikTok? A look at the 'knee thing' meaning

Effectively, the knee thing is a sensual but subtle maneuver used when two people are making out, preferably horizontally. (We'd recommend a bed, for comfort but the floor works too for you hardier folk.) The person on top then moves their knee in between the other person's knees and uses it to press and rub against the other person's vulva to stimulate the clitoris.

The knee thing's Urban Dictionary entry defines it as: "a makeout technique common between two vagina-having people, mainly when lying down or standing against something. In simplistic terms, one rubs their knee against the other's clit."

Basically, it's a form of dry humping or someone's knee acting like a makeshift clit vibrator. This is likely a move you've experienced a few times (or a lot of times) but never realized it had or really warranted a name. 

Considering it has over 18 million views and counting, the simple concept has definitely taken off. Plus, it proves to be a good form of foreplay, which is something that's not to be missed, according to sexperts. 

"The element that separates great sex from mediocre sex is sexual tension," says Natasha Marie sexual wellness expert and head of content at MysteryVibe. "Foreplay is essential for building sexual tension and anticipation."

Likewise, Jacob Østerby Bager, a researcher at Bedbible.com, insists that these moments are "really where you set the direction for the relationship."

With that in mind, perhaps simplicity works best, right?


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How do you do the 'knee thing'?

As mentioned, the "knee thing" is perfect for a hot and heavy make-out sesh and is pretty straightforward. (And while we're on the topic, did you know that kissing increases the chances of orgasm?)

Clothing is optional for this move and you'll probably want to be lying on a bed or couch. Now, the person on top (or you can be side to side) then moves their knee between the other person's legs—gently, please don't just knee your unsuspecting make-out partner—and starts rubbing, to stimulate the vulva and clitoris. 

The tempo and pressure are down to personal preference but if you're looking to really spice things up you could introduce a bit of lube into the equation, if you've opted for the no-clothes option that is.

For other TikTok-approved tips, try this sex hand trick stimulates the G-spot or the beloved pillow sex tip.

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