This viral TikTok sex hand trick could help to stimulate the G-spot

Struggling to reach the big 'O'? We've got a very easy sex hand trick for you to try...

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Back in 2022, this sex hand trick—dubbed the 'belly-press'—started going viral on TikTok, with people heralding the move as a total game changer in the bedroom. But what does it actually entail? 

While TikTok is our go-to for all things beauty and fashion trends, like the coastal-cowgirl aesthetic and the 'clean girl' aesthetic, the app is also becoming quite the treasure trove of steamy intel. From the recent 'knee thing' trend on the video app, to the NSFW 'mascara' trend—and, of course, this easy, G-spot-loving hand move...

The simple yet powerful manoeuvre is said to be WHAT; but can a one-hand movement really be all that spicy? Let's investigate, shall we...?

What is the 'belly press' sex hand move?

So, what is the 'belly-press', you ask? It might sound odd, but let's just say it's a trick that literally pushes all the right spots... 

When it comes to the all-important orgasm, often those with vulvas, who have sex with those with penises, can struggle to reach the pinnacle through penetration alone. Often, the big O is helped along with foreplay or sex toys—like app-controlled vibrators. But according to this viral TikTok, you may be able to reach new levels of pleasure during sex with this simple sex hand trick.

TikTok user, ‘@nurse.ria11’ posted a now-viral video, explaining that pressing down slightly on the lower stomach, over the vagina, during sex can help stimulate the G-spot from the outside.


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How do you do the hand on your stomach trick for sex?

In the comments, Ria advised pressing about a hands width down from the naval with gentle pressure. The video now has over four million likes and thousands of comments from endorsers and skeptics alike.

Many hilariously found that this trick, rather than producing an orgasm, led to farts instead—so we stress to press gently and to ask if your partner likes or wants their stomach touched. 

Others said they couldn’t believe how few people knew about this trick before. One hand trick lover said: “This definitely works for me!”

Another commented: “I really thought this was common knowledge, but glad it’s being talked about!

And a third wrote: “Omg facts! I remember a guy did this to me and omg best feeling ever.”

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Another TikTok creator posted a video, which now has over 136,000 likes, asking whether the trick really worked—and most women commenting appeared to agree that it actually did!

One wrote: "yes i was in denial and then my bf did it and i was like OH THATS WHAT THE HYPES ABOUT".

While another said, "It helps me finish!!! But all bodies are different. Give it a go girl ❤️".

So although we can't find any scientific evidence for the sex hand trick, or belly press, working, it seems that—anecdotally at least— the ladies are fans. 


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If you’re looking for a new way to get your legs shaking this could be one to try, but remember that everyone’s bodies are different, what works for some may not work for others—and that’s okay!

If it’s not for you, there’s still a huge range of hands-free vibrators to test drive, not to mention endless wild and wonderful sex positions.

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