Uranus retrograde 2021 is coming—expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone

The Uranus retrograde 2021 will "urge us to keep on moving forward, even when we have doubts"

Illustration of one of the planets identified by the Dispersed Matter Planet Project, Uranus retrograde 2021
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The solar system is gearing up for Uranus retrograde 2021, and unlike its peers (ahem, Mercury), the seventh planet from the sun won't cause a ruckus while spinning backward. 

In fact, astrologers believe Uranus' journey is the perfect time to better understand the environment around us, look inward and meditate. (Psst: get your zen on with our favorite gifts for astrology lovers—candles, notebooks, tea and more.) 

The cosmic change is fast approaching, and the experts want you to know a few things about the phenomenon. And there's no need to stress: it won't be a cause for panic.

"Paying attention to the Uranus retrograde will help us understand our world better, and guide us in making choices that will benefit not just ourselves, but others as well," says astrologer and editor David Thomas of Trusted Astrology (opens in new tab).  

Let's dive in!

When is Uranus retrograde 2021?

Mark your calendar: the outer planet will be in retrograde from August 19th, 2021 to January 18th, 2022. 

What to expect from Uranus retrograde 2021?

Not all retrogrades are created equal, and this outer planet's motions will cause us to reject the ordinary in order to find happiness. 

"The Uranus retrograde will urge us to keep on moving forward, even when we have doubts," says Thomas. "If we refuse to listen to what it’s saying and simply stay put, then we might just as well give up hoping that something better will ever happen in our lives."

Embrace the unexpected and extend yourself beyond your normal comfort level; remaining stationary won't allow for growth. 

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Who will be most affected by Uranus retrograde 2021?

"The three star signs that will be experiencing the most repercussions during a Uranus retrograde are Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius," Thomas says. "Leo natives will experience a sort of upheaval in both their personal and professional lives that will shake the very core of their own beliefs. On the other hand, Scorpios will be made emotionally vulnerable as a way of making them aware of their humanness."

Thomas continues: "Lastly, Aquarius, being the sign ruled by Uranus itself, will experience a sort of epiphany that will have them confront their past so that they, too, can move forward towards their hoped-for future."

How to prepare for Uranus retrograde 2021:

No need for manifesting or anything extreme this go-around. Uranus retrograde is all about taking it easy.

"Meditation is by far the best course of action during this period," Thomas says. "It will allow people to engage in retrospection and reflect on their past actions, and how they can move past these so that they could move towards a brighter, more hopeful future."

Make sure to explore the best meditation apps for a self-care day full of bliss, serenity and happiness.

While the term "retrograde" might have us fearing the worst, Uranus' movements will allow us to make smart choices and become attuned to our feelings and those of people around us. Yes, it is in fact a non-stressful situation, so no need to fear chaos like break-ups, lost keys and whatever else Mercury has tainted our minds with during retrogrades.

"The Uranus retrograde is an event that must be welcomed," Thomas says. "It  reminds us that the only thing permanent in this world is change and that we should never let ourselves be limited by our current situation."

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