Uranus retrograde 2022 is on its way to give us a bit of clarity

'It’s a useful time to reflect on specifically the past seven or so months,' astrologer Noush says of the transit

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Ready for Uranus retrograde 2022? Get a Sharpie and nix the transit off your August astrology events calendar. 

The seventh planet from the sun will soon spin backwards for over four months, and like any good retrograde, it's the perfect time for reflection...not panic. In fact, astrologer Noush calls it a "sigh of relief." Imagine that!

"We can expect things to kind of settle a bit so that we can digest what we’ve experienced and take stock of how our physical world has changed," she says. "How can you now stabilize what has changed so that you can move forward with a greater sense of calm?"

Anything that encourages a zen state of mind is A-OK in our book.

Meet the expert: Noush

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Uranus retrograde 2022

  • When: August 25, 2022 to January 23, 2023

Though the dreaded "r word" has a tendency to make starry-eyed astrology fans uptight, true followers of the study know that it's an opportunity, not a hindrance. In fact, when it comes to Uranus, it's easier for us when the planet  is stationed retrograde. (Yes, really.)

"When Uranus is direct, we can feel the full effects of impulses taking form in our lives," Noush says. "When the planet goes retrograde, we understand the whirlwind of events and make more informed or conscious decisions now that we are stepping outside that tornado of change."

Essentially, things will be a bit calmer. We won't be making rash and hasty decisions. (She did say it'd be a sigh of relief, after all.) What better gifts for astrology lovers than a peaceful, insightful retrograde? Since this event will be taking place within Taurus, we'll be hyper-focused on areas of our lives like finance and values. 

"It’s a useful time to reflect on specifically the past seven or so months," Noush adds. "What has changed in your life, either materially or within your own body, your person, your value, your worth?"

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Ultimately, we cannot completely do away with hardships, and every now and then, it's normal to feel a bit off balance, regardless of how the planets are moving. But Uranus is the one that will make you stronger, tougher and more equipped to handle whatever was sent to throw you off-kilter.

"Uranus is trying to create a bigger vision for you, but it’s not a comfortable journey to get there," Noush says. "You'll come back more empowered and feeling more comfortable with potential change and potential surprises moving forward because those are always going to be part of our lives."

Essentially, Uranus is asking you to take control and experience those curve balls with maturity and growth. And judging from a few forthcoming happenings—the August 2022 new moon, the autumnal equinox—we are definitely going to be asked to reassess and potentially move forward on a different path, but ultimately, the proper path.

"[The retrograde] is a time to absorb the past half of year so that once Uranus is direct again, and you’re back into that whirlwind, you understood the value of the changes or how it was trying to open you up to new opportunities and new ways of thinking."

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