Autumn equinox 2021: an astrologer's guide to making the most out of fall

Take note! The autumn equinox 2021 will be fruitful both personally and professionally

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The autumn equinox 2021 is upon us! As the weather cools and lattes get the pumpkin spice treatment, the cosmos gear up for a new season. Curious what the universe has in store as the leaves change? The astrology pros are here to assist with your Q's, so grab that cozy quilt and read on. 

The fall equinox comes squished between two big astrological events—the full moon on September 20 and the final Mercury in retrograde of the year on September 27. If this puts you a bit on edge, take a breather. It is actually going to be a fruitful time of the year, both personally and professionally.

"I think the fall equinox is the perfect time to shed layers similar to a snake shedding its skin," says astrologer Stephanie Powell. "Release what you no longer wish to carry into the next chapter of your life and make room so new opportunities can arrive."

Grab that PSL and learn how the cosmos are going to work in your favor this season.

When is the autumn equinox 2021?

The autumn equinox falls on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Though we tend to automatically shift into an astrological mindset, this event is quite significant in astronomy. 

Our sister site,, notes that the equinox means the amount of daylight is nearly equal to the hours of darkness. You can catch the equinox at 9:31 am ET (6:31 am PT or 2:31 GMT). This marks the beginning of longer nights in the northern hemisphere.

How do we prepare for the autumn equinox 2021?

Now is the time to embrace a calmer, quieter time of the year. As the days become shorter and nights become longer, you'll want to consider reflecting on different areas of your life and making adjustments where need be. Plus, it's a great time to say "thank you."

"The shift from summer to fall is typically a time for tapping into your gratitude and abundance," says astrologer Renée Watt. "If summer is when we grow and have fun, the fall is where we remember to appreciate what we have."

The term "harvest moon" simply refers to the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. I captured this moonrise just after it rose above a bank of storm clouds in southwestern Colorado near Hovenweep National Monument.

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What signs are most affected by the autumn equinox 2021?

Not all zodiac signs are created equal, and some might feel the effects of the fall equinox a bit more intensely than others. 

"All cardinal signs create a strong aspect to the transit, thus putting them in focus for the equinox," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "Additionally, fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, may also find that the autumn equinox is particularly impactful as it occurs at the beginning of Libra season."

But regardless of your birth chart, you should use this opportunity as a moment to pause, reflect and feel thankful.

What does the autumn equinox mean for our love lives?

If you were excited about a summer of love, you'll be just as delighted to learn that the fall is serving up some romantic vibes, too. Keep the passion alive and trust that the universe will send you what's right.

"Since the autumn equinox coincides with the start of Libra season, the most romantic member of the zodiac, you can bet your love life will become more interesting," Watt says. "This is the perfect time for couples to reconnect with their sweetness for one another, and those on the hunt for new love are set to receive a helping hand from the universe."

What does the autumn equinox mean for us professionally?

If you are thinking of a career change or wondering how to make an impact at work, now is the time to weigh your options. See what's working for you and what could be improved. It's an ideal time of year to gather up all of the work you've been doing since 2021's arrival and asses from there.

"From an astrological point of view both Libra and Scorpio seasons are auspicious for money matters," Watt says. "If you're overdue for a raise, use Libra season to gently remind your boss of all the extra hours you've been logging, and use Scorpio season to ask for a pay grade bump."

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