Curious what happened to Charli, 'Vanderpump Rules' forgotten cast member? You're not alone

Is Charli, 'Vanderpump Rules' SUR-ver, still on the show? She gave an update on 'The Viall Files' podcast

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In the midst of chaos, we seem to have forgotten about Charli. Vanderpump Rules season 10 has been quite dramatic, so much so that a "SUR-ver" was left behind. 

Charli Burnett joined the reality series in season 8, and although she remained somewhat detached from the main cast, she did seem to hit it off with Raquel Leviss. We took notice of the blossoming friendship, particularly when Charli stood up for Raquel on the girls' trip when Lala Kent and co. ganged up on her.

It seemed like a new chapter had begun on the long-running Bravo series—a new crew following alongside the O.G. members. But things slowly began to change as the #Scandoval news took hold. Now we're left wondering what's next, and if we'll see Charli again. Here's what we know about the reality star's show status. 

What happened to Charli on 'Vanderpump Rules'?

During her appearance on Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files, on Tuesday, May 23, Charli revealed that she had taken a step back from a role on the series to focus on her mental health and seek therapy, as she had been severely struggling emotionally, something we did not see play out onscreen. 

Although Charli's hopeful for a return on Vanderpump Rules season 11—provided earth-shattering news from the Vanderpump Rules reunion doesn't cause the show's demise—she doesn't seem to have a close connection with anyone else in the group. We're not sure where she'd pick up if and when the cameras start rolling again. 

However, when Raquel and Tom's affair broke the internet back in March 2023, Charli was one of the celebs to join #TeamAriana. “At the end of the day, no one deserves to feel this gut punch. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement," she said via Instagram Stories, according to US Weekly

What's more, Charli actually had a falling out with Raquel right around the time in the season when the crew went on a glamping trip for Raquel's birthday, another tidbit we don't see play out in the season.

"I actually cut Raquel off mid-season last year, and that didn't get shown," she revealed on The Viall Files. "Before we went shopping, I had a really big disagreement with her on her birthday. I thought honestly that the show was getting to her head."

Charli claimed that she, too, was meant to go glamping, but a break-in at her apartment caused a delay. She alleged that she was going to be late and Raquel refused to wait for her, insisting that she need to drive up with the Toms.

"Why are you so up Schwartz and Sandoval's butt? I don't understand your weird MO," Charli added. 

Drama aside, Charli has been busy building a life off-screen. She's moved in with her boyfriend, is working on landing acting roles and honing in on her career as an aesthetician. “Finally started my aesthetician business, which is super fun,” she told Bravo during the VRP season 10 premiere. "[It's] a very creative way for me to express myself.” 

Though the future of VPR is questionable at this point, as everyone's so badly divided, time will tell how Charli—and everyone else, for that matter—will return to the series post-scandal.

The third and final part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion airs on Wednesday, June 7 on Bravo, and will stream next-day on Peacock. 

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