Where is Raquel Leviss now? The 'Pump Rules' star *finally* addresses Scandoval

'Pump Rules' season 11 is filming, but where is Raquel Leviss now that the drama has subsided?

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Bravoholics all have the same question: "Where is Raquel Leviss?" Now that Vanderpump Rules season 11 has started filming, what's going on with Raquel's return, or lack thereof? 

At long last, the reality star broke her silence on #Scandoval. On Wednesday, August 16, she sat down to chat with Bethenny Frankel for a three-part podcast project, and now the world's revisiting the drama that had settled. She reflected on her time in a rehab facility, the infamous Facetime video that started Scandoval, her alleged earnings on the show, and where she stands with the SUR crew today. 

"This past season really did feel like the first season where I was like, 'Oh my God, I am selling my soul," she told the former Real Housewives of New York City star. 

Here's what you need to know about Leviss' next chapter. 

Where is Raquel Leviss now? The 'Pump Rules' star chats with Bethenny Frankel

After the explosive three-part reunion and the reveal of the Vanderpump Rules secret, Raquel entered a facility for treatment. Though cameras are rolling on Vanderpump's new season, it appears Leviss won't participate, according to her talk with Frankel.

"You [Frankel] mentioned something about the addiction of doing reality TV and the way that they always dangle that carrot in front of you, like, ‘Well, you need to tell your side of the story otherwise it’s gonna be written for you.’ And that’s terrifying. So I almost went back, I know just because of that," Leviss said, insinuating she will not be making a return. She also claimed she did not see "a single penny" for her time on the previous season. 

A lot has changed in a few short months. After the reunion wrapped, Leviss expressed that she was hopeful about rejoining the crew. According to an unnamed source who spoke to Us Weekly“Raquel is currently in talks about returning for the next season of Vanderpump Rules. However, she hasn’t decided whether or not she wants to come back to the show. Nothing has been confirmed yet other than the fact that she’s in negotiations about returning."

These sources have been mum on specifics, but one did share with US Weekly that the reality star is attempting to right her wrongs. 

"Upon the completion of filming the reunion, Raquel entered a voluntary inpatient behavioral health and trauma facility and remains there to date — 68 days and counting,” the source said. “Her treatment is helping her learn the basis of her decisions and to grow from her mistakes with the hope of making better choices and becoming a better person.”

Considering the Vanderpump Rules reunion Twitter backlash that surfaced made people feel sorry about the way Raquel was treated, perhaps her return would not have been so contentious. And considering this group is one to forgive and forget, maybe a redemption is in the cards? Or perhaps that's wishful thinking. 

Though Raquel and Sandoval broke up, it appears this moment in reality TV infamy is far from forgotten. She admitted to Frankel that she “got caught up in something that is way too big for me to handle" and as a result said she is “just trying to survive.” As the additional parts of the podcast roll out, we'll keep you posted.

Before season 11 hits screens, catch up with the wild SURvers. Vanderpump Rules seasons are currently streaming on Peacock, and these are the must-watch episodes if you need a refresher on all the drama. 

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