Who does Devi end up with in 'Never Have I Ever' season 3?

Matters of the heart only get more complicated for Devi Vishwakumar in 'Never Have I Ever' season 3

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Who does Devi end up with in Never Have I Ever? The hunky, hunky Paxton Hall Yoshida, or her arch academic nemesis/former flame, Ben Gross? Decisions, decisions. 

*Warning: mild spoilers ahead!*

Never Have I Ever season 3 is finally back on Netflix, and much like Devi herself, her romantic relationships are nothing short of complicated. As you've come to expect, it's never smooth sailing for the high school junior, and she's oftentimes at a tug of war between many things, boyfriends included. 

The Netflix YA series filled with pop culture references, quirky friendship circles and firsts from Mindy Kaling has been a hit since its 2020 release, but now that the star of the show is growing up and coming into her own, we're curious to see how she fares in matters of the heart.

We have some time before Never Have I Ever season 4, but some of us have a feeling Devi's making her way towards a certain someone. Though once the final season actually hits, it's entirely possible for Devi to change her mind...again.

Who does Devi end up with?

Though Devi has oftentimes complained about her love life, particularly to her lovable and wise therapist, Dr. Ryan, she certainly has her fair share of pickings in season 3. So...which guy is truly her #1?

Paxton Hall Yoshida

As the unexpected narrator of the show, John McEnroe, states: "Someone check on Hell, because it has clearly frozen over."

Paxton, Devi's dream fella since the dawn of time, is actually her IRL boyfriend at the start of season 3. After a messy situation in Never Have I Ever season 2—when she simultaneously dates Paxton and Ben—Paxton and Devi give it another go and attempt to make their relationship work. 

Will the pressures of dating the hottest guy in school wear on Devi? Will she ever be able to truly relax in the relationship? Though Paxton, our esteemed swimmer and resident Sherman Oaks hottie, has done a lot of growing this past season, thanks in large part to Devi's influence, will he truly be suitable for her?!

#TeamPaxton assumes this is a no-brainer, but when you get down to it, relationships are about a lot more than just looks, and soon even Devi realizes that dating Sherman Oaks' dream boat doesn't mean her life problems will be solved. 

Ben Gross

This enemies to friends to lovers relationship was definitely bumpy...to say the least. But after an epic dating fail and a big betrayal on Devi's end, the two remain on somewhat cordial and their typical competitive terms. 

Ben even continues his relationship with new-gal Aneesa...which goes south for a number of reasons that you'll soon witness for yourself. However, will he ever be able to get over the girl that stole his heart? He certainly attempts to after a new art class!

At the end of the season, however, when Ben learns of Devi's huge opportunity, he finds himself panicking at the thought of surviving without her, which makes us wonder how they're going to survive attending different colleges...if they attend different colleges. (It all remains to be seen, but they both love the Ivys!) 

Des (the new guy)

Plot twist! The love triangle has turned into a box when a new friend of Nailini's just so happens to have a super-cute, super-smart Indian son who meets Devi at a trying time in her romantic life. Will they be able to make it work? And will the seemingly male version of Devi (minus the drama) be her perfect match? 

Though the two experience a little texting mishap but appear perfect for one another on paper. Is that enough? 

So... who is Devi coupling up with?

Overall, we are left on a cliffhanger during the final episode of the season, but we seem to have a feeling which fella is right for Devi. However, there's still senior year to look forward to—and we're not entirely sure where she stands on that big decision, either, after a bit of flip-flopping. 

The main takeaway? You'll have to wait to find out, and by then, perhaps a new hottie will have entered the picture!

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