Who is still together from Too Hot To Handle Season 2 and what are they up to now?

Find out which couple from the hit Netflix show has stood the test of time since leaving the villa

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 cast
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If you, like us, have binge-watched all of Too Hot To Handle Season 2, you may find yourself wondering where the cast is now, and are Cam and Emily still together? Wonder no more, we have the answers for you.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 was filmed back in 2020, so unlike our new set of Love Islanders who we’re watching in real-time, the THTH cast left the villa months ago—and let's just say there have been some shake-ups to the couples. 

So let's start with Marvin and Melinda...

What are the Too Hot To Handle Season 2 couples up to now?

Marvin and Melinda

Melinda and Marvin from Too Hot To Handle Season 2

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The couple won the series but sadly it was too good to be true. According to E! the pair called it quits after an argument before a trip to meet in Mexico.

Melinda said: “I was just heartbroken that a small argument would make him cancel the whole trip,” and said he started to ghost her.

Distance likely played a part in the split as Melinda lives in New York and Marvin in Paris. But in a recent, very surprising turn of events—Melinda is reportedly now dating Peter Vigilante!

The two have shared some very cozy Instagram snaps and sent fans into a frenzy.

Cam and Emily

Cam and Emily from Too Hot to Handle Season 2

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Though they didn’t win the $55,000, they won our hearts and each others. To our delight, the couple has only gone from strength to strength since the show. 

The two now live together and have pretty much spent every day together since the show. They’re even talking about wedding plans and baby names! Cam told Metro: “We’re essentially like a little married couple now, we know everything about each other.” 

Carly and Joey

Carly and Joey from Too Hot To Handle Season 2

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Carly was originally with Chase, but after their break-up, Carly fell for the newcomer in episode six, Joey. Carly and Joey are reportedly dating, though they’re a bit on-again, off-again. 

Carly told Narcity: “I am seeing someone from the show; it's Joey. So the guy that I ended up being with at the end of the week, we actually dated for a little bit right after the show. We dated and then we broke up because I'm crazy, and now we're rekindling things, we'll see how it goes."

She also revealed she’s due to visit him, and they’re going to LA together. So there’s hope for this couple!

Christina and Robert

Christina and Robert in Too Hot To Handle Season 2 episode 6

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Despite being eliminated in episode 8, these two are very much still together, and in love. Christina told the Mail Online: “We talk every day, I’m the least jealous person and so is he. Honestly, that’s why I love him so much. Nothing bothers him, which is amazing, I love it.”

E! also confirmed that the couple spent Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Valentine’s day together.

Larissa and Nathan

Larissa from Too Hot to Handle Season 2

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Larissa and Nathan split on the show and Larissa returned home feeling out of place on the show after everyone who she’d fancied had already left.

According to E! Nathan has sent her a few flirty messages but as of yet, Larissa is still single.

Chase and Tabitha

Chase and Tabitha from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle Season 2

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Tabitha revealed to the Tab that Chase sent her flowers and presents for Christmas and even wrote her a love letter, but sadly distance got in the way. Tabitha lives in London and Chase in the USA.

Tabitha has since been holidaying and spending days out in London, and Chase has been spending time with fellow co-stars Nathan and Peter—even recording a podcast with them.

He also has a Youtube channel where he shared a video of him spending New Year with Carly and Joey—cute!

Nathan and Elle

Elle from Too Hot To Handle Season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sadly this duo is no longer together. Nathan revealed to the Tab that Elle ghosted him, so he moved on. He’s reportedly been in contact with Larissa and the pair have gotten close—so they could be a couple to watch.

Elle was recently on the cover of Playboy South Africa.


Kayla from Netflix's Too Hot to Handle Season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

Kayla was kicked off the show in episode five after not engaging in the process. She is now living her best life, like many of her castmates, holidaying in Mexico and making lots of TikToks.  

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