When is the ‘baby challenge’ on Love Island 2022? As Laura Whitmore teases its return

The islanders are set for a surprise delivery as the baby challenge returns

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While Casa Amor is seen as the ‘ultimate test’—the real trial, that will make or break our Love Island 2022 couples, comes in the shape of a plastic baby. Five to be exact and according to Laura Whitmore, they’ll be arriving in the villa in a matter of hours because yes—the 'baby challenge' on Love Island is finally making a comeback.

Who would have thought that 20-something year-olds cooing over a crying plastic toy would make such entertaining telly? But year on year, the baby challenge never fails to provide us with some truly hilarious and memorable moments.  Like when Chris Hughes started crying over his connection with baby ‘Cash,’ or when Josh Denzel accidentally pulled his baby’s leg off…

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The challenge either brings the couples together or sparks some major friction, especially when all it does is cry—the babies, not the islanders. 

However, with the season now in its last week and the Love Island 2022 final looming, some fans feared the challenge would not be making a comeback—but thankfully Love Island Aftersun host, Laura Whitmore has set the record straight.

When is the baby Challenge on Love Island 2022?

During her interview with ex-islander and famously good plastic baby dad, Chris Hughes, Laura exclusively revealed that the challenge was returning in the last few days on the series. 

She said: “The last week, it's a big one. I can exclusively reveal that the baby challenge is back.”

Now Love Island has confirmed that the baby challenge is indeed back and happening TONIGHT (Wednesday 27th) with a teaser video of the villa and a baby emoji, with a caption that says: "Get ready for some new(born) arrivals tonight…"

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Get ready to see our islanders awaken to quite the surprise, as some very temperamental babies join our lineup.

We can't wait to see Davide and Ekin-Su become parents!

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