Um, Bella Hadid has wispy bangs now and we need to talk about them

Brb, we’re just off to the salon with a picture of Bella Hadid’s bangs!

Model Bella Hadid is seen on September 28, 2022 in Paris, France with a new wispy fringe hairlook
(Image credit: Getty Images / Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Bella Hadid has just joined the ever-growing list of celebrities with fringe hairstyles after debuting some wispy bangs at Paris Fashion Week—and we are, in a word, obsessed. They’re giving Emily in Paris meets 90s cool-girl and if you’re thinking of copying Bella Hadid’s bangs, we’ve got some styling tips for you!

First Kendall Jenner rocked copper hair with bangs, then Lily Collins embraced the Parisian life with a très chic fringe and now Bella has joined the gang. 

We can safely say that these choppy, thin bangs are going to be the ultimate fall hair trend, especially when you consider how Bella has already sparked numerous hair trends in the past. For those who don't know, the Bella Hadid bun has become somewhat of a uniform for followers of the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic— so clearly, that what Bella says goes.

Model Bella Hadid debuts new bangs on September 28, 2022 in Paris, France.

(Image credit: Getty Images/ Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Bella’s bangs, which she paired with black shades and a black leather jacket are perfectly feathered and fall over her eyes. If you’re someone with fine hair, this style of fringe will be perfect for you as it’s supposed to look light and of course, wispy.

But the question on everyone’s lips when it comes to bangs is—exactly HOW do you style them? 

How to style Bella Hadid’s bangs

Styling your bangs and getting them to stay looking cute all day long is definitely one of the downfalls of having a fringe—it can be hard to get them to fall where you want them. But that’s why we have hair tools like the Dyson Airwrap.

The beauty of Bella’s bangs though is that they’re very low maintenance. As we can see in the image below, they’re very natural looking and lie very softly over her face —so you could simply let your fringe airdry to achieve this look.

This hairstyle is supposed to look a little messy and undone, that’s what makes it so effortlessly cool.

Model Bella Hadid debuts new bangs on September 28, 2022 in Paris, France.

(Image credit: Getty Images / Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit bouncier the Airwrap and cheaper tools like the Revlon One-Stop styling brush are ideal. They can help add volume and shape fast, plus help you create that overall 90s blowout look that is so popular right now. 

If you’re a bit more old-school or on a budget, you can also use a round brush with your hairdryer or hair rollers. Simply wrap your fringe over the round brush as you dry, then bush and dry your fringe to one side, and then the other for a feathered, fluffy look.

Remember to always use some form of heat protection spray and to care for your hair with the products like Olaplex.

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