The copper hair trend is having a moment this spring—here are all our fave celebs looks to inspire your next salon trip

The celebrity-approved copper hair trend is sticking around for spring...

Copper hair trend: Tessa Thompson, Sophie Turner and Kendall Jenner pictured with copper hair in an orange and peach 3-picture template
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Copper hair is proving to be one of the most in-demand hair color this year, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner (get the  411 for Kendall's copper hair here), Megan Fox, Sophie Turner and Sydney Sweeney all swapping their natural locks for a new, fiery hue. So for anyone looking to follow suit, here's the lowdown on the warm-toned hair look, plus a whole bunch of inspo pics...

It's safe to say there's a coppery revolution going on in the hair world. Just as the experts predicted, orangey hues are staying put on the must-have hair looks for 2023, with even pumpkin spice hair making its way onto runways and our TikTok feeds. Not to mention the gaggle of A-listers leaping onto the bandwagon.

"I think it's great to have a change—everyone needs something fresh and new," says Kirsten Kiyan of Beauty Refinery NYC. "We've had blondes and brunettes for so long, so why not?"

Clearly, it's out with expensive blonde and expensive brunette trends and IN with gingery tones and bob hairstyles (if Hailey Bieber's latest hair look is anything to go by). And low-key, we're certainly considering a switcheroo. Who's with us?

The best celeb copper hair looks

So far, we can count at least five major names who have opted for the viral copper shade, with actress Megan Fox becoming the latest celeb to fall head over heels for the look.

So, if you're getting ready to dash to the salon, be sure to have these reference pics at the ready...

1. Kendall Jenner's copper hair

Kendall Jenner with copper hair at Paris Fashion Week 2022

(Image credit: Getty Images / Peter White)

In 2022, Kendall not only rocked a new fringe hairstyle, but debuted this vibrant new shade during Milan Fashion Week. Alas, she's gone back to her natural, brunette shade but we loved this color on her!

2. Megan Fox's red hair look

Megan Fox with copper hair and wearing a gold dress in New York City 2022

(Image credit: Getty Images / Gotham/GC Images)

While Megan Fox teased us with this ginger look in 2022 (it was just a wig *cry*), as of March 2023, she has seemingly embraced the copper hair trend for real! She was spotted attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, pairing her new warm-toned hair with a dramatic black velvet dress.

3. Tessa Thompson's copper hair

Tessa also rocked copper hair in 2022 but has since opted for a darker shade, though you can still spot warmer hues in her hair—which just proves how easily you can change up copper tones, by either incorporating them into your natural shade or opting for more of a red! 

4. Sophie Turner's copper hair

Sophie Turner has once again gone full-on Sansa Stark and we just love this shade on her! 

5. Barbie Ferreira's gingery look

Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira was among the many celebs to jump on the trend and we're big fans!

6. Phoebe Dynevor's copper hair

Daphne Bridgerton is back! Yes, Phoebe has once again opted for her coppery locks, too bad Phoebe won't be returning for Bridgerton season 3...

How to achieve the copper hair color

Gregory Patterson, celebrity stylist and DIY expert for Sally Beauty, provides expert tips for nailing spring 2022's new hair obsession. 

"Red/copper hair reflects light and is beautiful when a third tone of the same family is introduced to add high and low visual pops of reflection," he said. "Think mahogany, cherry, pumpkin colors—they are harmonious and when combined create a beautiful blend of tones that complement each other."

Likewise, hairstylist Neil Moodie has seen the color's rise in popularity and thinks it's the perfect way to brighten things up. He does have a word of advice for those who are considering attempting it, though. 

"If you want a brighter red, then you will need a lighter base color to begin with," Moodie says.

wavy red hair meant to depict the copper hair color trend

(Image credit: Getty Images / Andreas Kuehn)

Red, though eye-catching, can be a difficult color to work with. According to L'Oréal Paris, it is a shade that will require regular hair masking and hair glossing, and it is likely to fade quickly. 

We've provided expert-backed tips for dyeing your hair at home, but if you have your heart set on red, it's best to turn to the pros!

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