The pumpkin spice hair color trend is THE 'do for fall

Thinking about a little PSL for your strands? Here's how to achieve the pumpkin spice hair color trend, according to pros

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Stylists are taking a cue from Starbucks: the pumpkin spice hair color trend is having a moment now that fall foliage is on the horizon. Red hues are very in season, after all. 

In an attempt to achieve the ultimate cozy-chic look, we'll tell you everything you need to know about pumpkin spice-proofing your strands. Stock up on the best shampoo bars and have your styling tools at the ready. 

"It’s all about adding some warmth and richness to your current hair color," Kristina Dimoplon, stylist at Live By the Sword Salon in Brooklyn, New York, says of the autumnal trend. "There’s a shade of pumpkin spice out there for everyone."

Pumpkin spice hair color trend: how to achieve it

Although Dimoplon notes that there isn't a magic formula that creates the perfect orange-red outcome for everyone, she does have a strategy, depending on hair color.

"If you are a light blonde, you can go with a more golden, coppery toner for your fall hair appointment," she suggests. "If you are a brunette, try some reddish low lights to spice up your current shade."

Meanwhile, hair and aesthetics expert Waleed Taleb at Vera Clinic believes that length also plays a role in amping up the PSH ante.

"Longer, thicker hair looks great when curled, and shorter hair looks extra quirky with the addition of pumpkin spice coloring," Taleb says.  

Why not peruse the 12,000+ #PumpkinSpiceHair hashtag on social to get the wheels turning?

Pumpkin spice hair color trend: tips

If you're going to change up your 'do, might as well go all in! 

"The color does well to brighten up the traditionally darker clothing we wear in winter," Taleb says. (Speaking of which, have you seen our favorite fall wrap dresses?)

And when it comes to maintenance? Gregory Patterson, DIY expert and celebrity stylist for from Sally Beauty has you covered. 

"Think moisture masks a week before coloring and opt for semi- or demi-permanent shades so you are just depositing color tones rather than lifting up the cuticle layer of the hair to remove tones," Patterson suggests. 

If you're toying with other ways to add warmth to your hair during the cold-weather months, a touch of toffee is another trendy contender.

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