Diptyque Tokyo, Paris, NYC: the cult City Candles collection is available worldwide for a limited time only

Finally, Diptyque Tokyo and all City Candles are available globally. Where will you head?

Diptyque Tokyo and City Candles collection
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No passport needed: with Diptyque Tokyo and the rest of the brand's ever-popular City Candles collection, you can get a taste of international locales right from the comfort of your couch.

The location-specific best scented candles, including the Diptyque Paris, Hong Kong, and New York, are finally available worldwide for the first time—but there's a catch. 

Much like a true jet-setter, you're going to have to act quickly. The items, which are typically only available in their respective cities, are on sale globally in stores and online for several days.

HGTV enthusiasts who want to add a little hygge home decor to their surroundings have until April 21st to snag their destination of choice. Plan wisely, as this will be your only opportunity to do so until next year (unless, of course, you're armed with a vaccine passport and can find yourself in one of these international cities). 

The Diptyque City Candles collection

Curious where you can venture right in your living room? The collection, featuring candles priced at $76 each, has nine city-themed offerings to cure your wanderlust and satisfy your decor desires: 

• Paris
• New York
• London
• Shanghai
• Beverly Hills
• Tokyo
• Hong Kong
• Miami
• Berlin

Diptyque City Candles | $76

Diptyque City Candles | $76

This collection of nine scented candles invokes the best features of its cities. 

Caring for your Diptyque candle 

Whether your scented candles are homemade or from your favorite store, there are certain ways to care for your candle to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

• Trim the wick each time you plan to burn the candle. Doing so before lighting it will prevent the glass from turning black. 

• If it is the first time you're burning a candle, make sure you're doing so until the top turns to molten wax. This will prevent the candle from getting a hole in its center and burning unevenly in the future. 

• Use the lid after you burn the candle in order to prevent dust from piling up.

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