Does Luca Bish drink on Love Island? Fans praise islander for 'normalizing' not drinking

Does Luca Bish drink on Love Island? It appears he might not—and fans are loving it

Luca on a date with Danica during episode 14 of Love Island 2022
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As Love Island 2022 picks up the pace, fans are now praising islander, Luca Bish as he opts for water during his beach date with new bombshell Danica, instead of prosecco—prompting fans to wonder if Luca doesn’t drink.

As hardcore Love Island fans will know, islanders are allowed to drink alcohol in the evenings and on dates but there are strict rules on how much. Each Islander is allowed two drinks per night and in the event of a party—they are given two bottles of prosecco to share. 

This means contestants have the option to drink a glass or two of fizz every night and during the day if they’re chosen to go on a date with their couple. It was on such an occasion that Luca Bish prompted questions from curious fans...

Does Luca Bish drink on Love Island?

In the most recent drama-filled episode of Love Island, fans spotted that Luca Bish—who was (very happily) coupled up with Gemma until new bombshell Danica came in and in one of the most memorable Love Island moments ever chose him to couple up with—opted for water on their date.

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On the date, Luca could be seen pouring a glass for Danica—like a true gentleman—before saying "I don't drink" and revealing that he was sipping on water instead.

While it’s unclear whether Luca doesn’t drink alcohol at all or just doesn’t drink prosecco, fans were quick to praise him for it.

Luca on a date with Danica in Love Island 2022

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One tweeted: “Omg Luca saying “I don’t drink” no questions asked! Normalizing not drinking!"

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While another fan added (opens in new tab): “proper stigma when you say you don’t drink, loads of reasons why peeps don’t drink, glad Luca feels ok to say it.”

With a third fan also tweeting (opens in new tab): “Luca doesn’t drink? Man after my own heart #loveisland.”

It’s also worth noting that islanders are allowed to drink every night that they are in the villa—which might not suit everyone’s lifestyle or preferences. Plus Luca’s date was in the middle of the day under the scorching Mallorcan sun, so maybe he just didn’t fancy it—if given the choice we’d opt for a nice chilled glass of water too!

What are islanders allowed to drink in the villa? 

You might also find yourself wondering what islanders are actually allowed to drink if the goal of producers is to ensure that they don’t get drunk in the villa.

Former contestant Liana Isadora Van-Riel told the Sun (opens in new tab): "You're allowed one or two drinks a night, either wine or beer, no spirits." 

A number of islanders have also revealed that they often would not use their drinks allowances, opting instead for soft drinks or cups of tea unless there was a party or recoupling.

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