New study tackles the age-old sex question: does size matter when it comes to female pleasure?

"Does size matter?" is not a new question, but this new study has uncovered buzz-worthy findings

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It's the question we've all been asking for ages: Really, does size matter? Can it result in bad sex? Is it all just a myth? One study did the dirty work by tackling the infamous sex question, and the findings are causing quite a buzz.

According to King’s College London's research in BJU International (opens in new tab), a 15% reduction in penis size led to an 18% reduction of overall sexual pleasure for women. Essentially, the study's participants confirmed that, yes indeed, size is a monumental part of the sexual process. 

For the sake of research, 12 couples participated in the study and were each given a set of silicone rings that vary in size, which reduced how far a man could enter a woman between 0.5 and 2 inches. The larger in size the ring, the smaller the male's depth and overall size. Women were not told about each ring's size so they could judge their pleasure without any preconceived notions.

So...does size matter?

If you take this particular study into account, the answer is yes. But, is it the be-all and end-all of sexual findings? Certainly not. 

Fortunately, we've uncovered a useful pillow sex tip that essentially says the opposite. A sex educator on Tiktok, @sassyrededu2, has indicated that placing a pillow underneath your body during the deed tips your pelvis and allows for deeper penetration, and therefore more satisfying O's—no matter the size of your partner's appendage.

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Plus, women's most intense orgasms aren't actually from penetration. According to a LoveHoney survey, 36% of women receive the most pleasurable O's from masturbation. Dr. Britney Blair, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Lover (opens in new tab) app, insists that the secret to having really good sex with a partner is mastering the art of solo sex first.

So is there a certain rule for how things are "supposed" to be? Is there a magical number of inches that'll help you reach your pleasure points? A lot of studies are going to yield many different results. All you need to do is what works well for you, your partner and your sexual health.

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