Everyone's loving the 'Emily in Paris' phone case—here's where to get it for less than $12

The 'Emily in Paris' phone case is the true star of the show

Lily Collins as Emily in episode 307 of Emily in Paris
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If you're like us, you've spent as much time drooling over that cool Emily in Paris phone case as you have the show's designer ensembles. 

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) has had the same iPhone case since the show's first season—a silicone cover designed to look like an old-school camera, complete with a handy little strap—and it pops up yet again in Emily in Paris season 3, which debuted on Netflix on Wednesday, December 21. 

A social media whiz, Emily has her phone in hand pretty much 24/7, whether she's working on a new marketing campaign for Savoir or during her downtime spent galavanting around the City of Lights. (Girlfriend loves herself an Instagram Live!) 

And, excitingly, you can now have the Emily in Paris phone case for yourself—and, unlike Emily's Chanel bags, it won't cost you a fortune. Here's where to snag the très chic phone accessory. 

Shop the 'Emily in Paris' phone case:


Awsaccy iPhone XR Case, Umiko(TM) 3D Cool Camera Design Case: $11.99 | Amazon

Awsaccy iPhone XR Case, Umiko(TM) 3D Cool Camera Design Case: $11.99 | Amazon

Modeled after a retro camera with a lens and switches, this cool case by accessory brand Awsaccy is nearly identical to the one Emily Cooper uses throughout Emily in Paris' three seasons.

Due to the popularity of the show, the Awsaccy iPhone case has sold out on Amazon in the past, so we've also found an alternative that is just as chic should the former go out of stock again. 

UnnFiko Wallet Case $13.87 | Amazon

UnnFiko Wallet Case: $13.87 | Amazon

This UnnFiko Case has the same retro camera design, but along with Emily's favored black colorway, it also comes in pastel pink, teal blue and bright red options. And it's so inexpensive that you can buy multiple cases to match them to your outfit. Emily Cooper would be proud!

And sure, our iPhone camera reels likely won't be quite as picturesque as Emily's Parisian adventures, but at least our tech will be looking good!

Emily in Paris season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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