How much does it cost to live like 'Emily in Paris'? A new study spills

It ain't cheap being Miss Emily Cooper. Here's how much the 'Emily in Paris' lifestyle would set you back

Emily in Paris lifestyle. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 304 of Emily in Paris
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The Emily in Paris lifestyle is a lavish one, mon chéri!

Just take a look at those eye-catching Emily in Paris fashion moments, grand marketing events and fab excursions to the South of France. Naturally, such opulence comes with a price tag, and the Euros are definitely adding up.

With Emily in Paris season 3 premiering on Wednesday, December 21 on Netflix, the experts at New Casinos have analyzed the chic lifestyle of Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) to determine her annual spending compared to her salary...and let's just say there are some discrepancies that our marketing guru might want to address. 

In the third installment of the series, Emily is definitely feeling a lot of confusion regarding her career. We're all asking the same thing: "Who does Emily end up working for, Sylvie or Madeline?" and "Does Emily stay in Paris or return to Chicago"? There's a lot of speculation about her next professional move, and judging from New Casinos' findings, we hope Em asked for a raise at some point throughout the season!

How much does the 'Emily in Paris' lifestyle cost?

According to the reports, Emily Cooper earns roughly €45,251 ($46,980.95) given her age and experience level. However, she seems to be in the same spending field as her company's higher-ups like Madeline (Kate Walsh) and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.)

The findings further report that if Emily's clothing and accessories were all items she herself purchased, she would have an annual spending fee of $76,795.40...which is way more than she earns. Since she's been spotted in designer garbs like Valentino, Prada and Christian Louboutin, this price tag isn't terribly surprising. 

Let's not forget about her living expenses alongside BFF and roommate Mindy (Ashley Park). Their adorably chic apartment is believed to cost $33,127.84 in rent annually, and Emily's bills (electricity and the like) are around $2,372.40 per year. Oof!

Annual dining out fees are believed to be roughly $3,239.28 a year—better stay friends with Gabriel, right?—and nightlife fees should clock in at $1,295.71. 

Even though there are clear discrepancies between Em's earnings and spending habits, we're still excited to visit Miss Cooper back in the French capital. But we'd highly recommend she check out a few of our expert-backed financial wellness tips

Emily in Paris season 3 is available for streaming on Netflix starting Wednesday, December 21. 

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