Flower Beauty's 'Never Been Kissed' inspired collection gets an A+

You can Kiss Josie Grossie goodbye thanks to Flower Beauty

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It's time to take a style cue from Josie Geller. The 'Never Been Kissed' protagonist—a copy editor-turned undercover reporter—stunned the hallways of South Glen High with many a notable look. Now, you can channel the rom-com icon in your daily makeup routine. Trust us, you'll be "feelin' good" in no time. 

Drew Barrymore just revealed on Instagram that her Flower Beauty line has launched a 'Never Been Kissed' capsule collection. Since '90s looks are having a renaissance (these 90s slip dresses are proof), it's only right to give our hopeless romantic a little time in the spotlight, don't you think?

The Flower Beauty 'Never Been Kissed' capsule collection

The items in the collection include blush, lipstick, a setting spray, and a variety of other products. Cosmetics are sold exclusively at CVS and range in price from $9–$14. Plus, you'll feel good stocking up your cart knowing it's an inclusive, cruelty-free line—a win-win all around!

FLOWER Beauty, Flower Pots Powder Blush in Warm Hibiscus $10.29 

FLOWER Beauty, Flower Pots Powder Blush in Warm Hibiscus $10.29 

This cruelty-free, gluten-free blush gives off the perfect floral vibes. It's similar to the makeup look Josie wore on her first day of school—an all-white ensemble with a feathered boa and pale-pink makeup hues. 

FLOWER Beauty, Scribble Stick in Razzleberry $9.99

FLOWER Beauty, Scribble Stick in Razzleberry $9.99

*SPOILER* Remember when Josie finally gets the kiss she's been waiting for? She has a plum-like hue on her lips, and that look can be yours with a Razzleberry Scribble Stick. It's infused with sunflower seed oil, natural botanicals, and Vitamin E.

FLOWER Beauty, Seal the Deal Setting Spray $13.29

FLOWER Beauty, Seal the Deal Setting Spray $13.29

Keep that Josie-inspired makeup looking fresh and glowy with this setting spray, which will give your skin a refreshed, soothed look.

See what else Josie would pick up on her makeup run by checking out the offerings at CVS. While you're at it, get more style inspo from our favorite '90s movies on Netflix because those throwbacks are new again.

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