These are the best Netflix 90s movies for the ultimate throwback binge-watch

These are the best Netflix 90s movies that we could watch over and over again, to get our nostalgia fix

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Netflix is bringing back the '90s with rom-coms to all our favorite nostalgic teen movies, all at the click of a button. So snuggle in and grab the popcorn, while we lay out all the best Netflix '90s movies available to stream right now... 

Movies from the 1990s are like a time capsule just waiting to be opened, throwing it back to the era where hip hop was thriving, '90s fashion trends like loafers were huge—not to mention bouncy '90s blowouts—and Sandra Bullock was the reigning screen queen (when is she not though, really?).

From iconic thrillers—many of which are recognized as classics today—to movies that made our childhoods, there's a 90s flick for you, no matter your genre taste and are guaranteed to feed your obsession with nostalgia

And while some of our favorites have been leaving Netflix over the past few months (like Clueless *cry*), the streaming service still has some cinematic gems in its collection. Here are some of the best Netflix '90s movies to watch while you can...

The best 90s movies on Netflix

'She’s All That'

Release date: 1999| Genre: Rom-com| Region: UK

She's All That recently got the remake treatment, with Netflix's He's All That starring Addison Rae—which is usually a sign that the OG movie is deemed a classic. Its storyline was also parodied in Not Another Teen Movie!

This rom-com sees cool-kid/prom king Zack (Freddie Prince Junior) make a bet with his friends to turn the quirky, arty girl Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook) into the next prom queen, to get his revenge on his famous ex-girlfriend, who dumped him after the summer break. 

Zack be-friends Laney and the pair get very close—until the truth of Zack's interest in her comes to light...

It's the perfect romantic, teen movie if you're in need of a nostalgia boost or need a stay-at-home date night idea!

'The Craft'

Release date: 1996| Genre: Teen/ Teen Horror| Region: UK 

The Craft follows high schooler Sarah (Robin Tunney) whose telekinetic abilities get her into a clique of teen witches. They then use their powers against anyone who dares to cross them, but throwaway spells against their classmates soon give rise to something more sinister as the gang begins to relish in their newfound power...

It's the perfect film for lovers of the horror genre and all things witchy vibes!

'The Net'

Release date: 1995| Genre: Thriller/Action| Region: UK and US

The Net stars Hollywood legend, Sandra Bullock as computer programmer Angela Bennett, who accidentally uncovers some government secrets that land her in a world of trouble. 

So, if you love a government conspiracy movie, or you're just a huge fan of Sandra Bullock—you can't go wrong with this one! Plus her 90s blowout in this film is incredible.


Release date: 1996| Genre: Family| Region: UK

A true childhood classic! Matilda is a story we all know well, but the movie will never fail to fill you with nostalgic, fuzzy feelings.

The film is an adaption of Roald Dahl's book (bearing the same name) and follows Matilda, a super-intelligent girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers. Ignored by her parents and tormented by her brother, Matilda finally gets to attend school, where she meets Miss Honey, a kind teacher who appreciates Matilda's incredible gifts. 

However, she soon needs to call upon her powers to settle the score with both her parents and the school's cruel headmistress Ms. Trunchbull, who has a dark connection to Miss Honey's past...

'Girl, interrupted'

Release date: 1999| Genre: Drama| Region: US and UK

Girl, Interrupted is quite the gritty watch but stars the likes of Winona Ryder (from Stranger Things) Brittany Murphy and Angelina Jolie.

It's based on the true story of Susanna Kayson (Ryder), who finds herself in a mental institution for troubled young women and forges friendships with a group of girls, which will change her life forever. However, she soon faces a choice between the world inside, with her new-found friends, or the difficult world waiting on the outside.

It features some intense performances and may be triggering for some viewers—but it is renowned as an iconic watch.

'Men in Black'

Release date: 1997| Genre: Sci-Fi| Region: US 

Men In Black is definitely one of the most iconic 90s movies of all time. It stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as 'Men In Black' agents who protect the world from intergalactic threats. 

To put it simply, they're alien cops—who save the world on the daily but keep mankind completely unaware of any E.T activity, with the help of their memory-wiping gadget. 

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