H&M just dropped a dreamy new loungewear collection

H&M's sustainable loungewear collection has made staying home more enticing than ever

H&M Loungewear
(Image credit: H&M)

Many of us have been shopping more consciously, especially since discovering some of the best sustainable fashion brands out there. And now, H&M is making sustainable living all the more easy with their new collection.

Our entire 2020 wardrobe consists of loungewear, that's no secret. We've swapped our jeans for cosy joggers, and 'nice tops' are officially a thing of the past (unless you're referring to a chic hoodie, of course). So you can imagine our delight when H&M dropped their latest loungewear collection

H&M sustainable loungewear

(Image credit: H&M)
H&M sustainable loungewear collection | From $11.80

H&M sustainable loungewear collection | From $11.80

Revamp your working from home outfit with H&M's brand new collection.

Made up of blush pinks, creams, whites, greys and navy blue hues, the beautiful collection features everything from fluffy trousers and knitted cardigans to faux shearling dressing gowns and soft faux fur slippers. You'll also find stylish rib-knitted crop tops and comfy oversized hoodies.

To create the range, H&M teamed up with model and environmental activist Arizona Muse, who is known for her commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. "Brands need to source sustainable materials, and consumers need to demand that brands do that," she said. 

The best bit is you won't have to spend a fortune on the pieces, with prices starting at just $11.80 (£8.99). 

This isn't the only initiative the Swedish retail giant has made in a bid to promote sustainable fashion. Earlier this week, H&M announced that it was trialling a Loop machine that upcycles clothes in stores

The new tech invention, which was first highlighted in a sustainable fashion report by Stylus, has been designed to improve in-store recycling and is currently being tested in the brand's flagship store in Stockholm.  It allows shoppers to simply insert their old knitwear garments and shreds the clothes into fibres before spinning them into a new yarn, all in just five hours. Genius, right? 

We're crossing fingers for it being rolled out globally soon!

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