How to view my Spotify Wrapped—share those 2021 playlists now!

It's time for the big reveal. If you've Googled, 'How to view my Spotify Wrapped,' read on for our tips and how-to's!

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"I'm curious how to view my Spotify Wrapped. Can you assist?" We sure can, dear reader.

It's December 1, and we're finally able to access our personalized 2021 musical recap. If you're dying to show the world how many times you've rocked out to "good 4 u," now is the time for your annual overshare. 

How bad is your Spotify, you might ask? Just let your followers be the judge. (Just kidding, no one's judging...right?)

Every year, the audio streaming platform gifts us with an in-depth analysis of our favorite artists, songs, and podcasts, which in turn sparks an outpour of revelations on social media. We'll tell you everything you need to know about accessing your 2021 results.

How to view my Spotify Wrapped:

Visit Spotify Wrapped online to see which musicians topped your list for 2021. You can either sign in through the service itself or view your results via Facebook, Google, or Apple. 

The beautiful thing about Wrapped is that you'll also be gifted with rockin' playlists of your top tracks, which will inspire quite a jam session before 2022 approaches.

If you recently discovered a new go-to artist within the past few days, don't expect results in your 2021 Wrapped. Spotify heavyweights only keep track of content from January 1 to October 31.

New Spotify Wrapped features

Spotify is taking things up a notch in 2021. Not only will you find a playlist, but you'll also get a short video clip that pairs your top songs with classic movie scenes. Neat!

Tapping into the senses, Spotify also decided to work with an expert to visualize your audio aura based on your music moods. Mystic Michaela has done the honors of assigning a color to each of six mood descriptor categories and matching them with your go-to tunes. 

  • Purple pairs well with passionate music listeners
  • Green represents a calm, analytical and introspective aura
  • Pinks are the hopeless romantics and wonderers of the Spotify world
  • Orange indicates bold, high-energy sounds
  • Yellow is all about focus, motivation and achieving your goals
  • Blue is wistful and emotional

Since these findings are such big reveals for music listeners, Spotify is making it easier to communicate with your buddies. There's a new interactive, data-based game that you can play with friends, as well as the 2021 Wrapped Blend that compares different listeners' results.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 global results

Curious where your favorite artists stack up? There are plenty of global results to explore.

Most Artists Streamed Globally:

1. Bad Bunny
2. Taylor Swift
3. BTS
4. Drake
5. Justin Bieber 

Most Streamed Songs Globally:

1. "drivers license" by Olivia Rodrigo
2. "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name" by Lil Nas X
3. "STAY (with Justin Bieber)" by the Kid LAROI
4. "good 4 u" by Olivia Rodrigo
5. "Levitating (feat. Da Baby)" by Dua Lipa

For more results, visit the Spotify website!

Spotify Wrapped not loading?

Don't fret, it doesn't roll out at the same time for all users. 

If you're curious, check to see if you received a notification email from the streaming service or simply type "Spotify Wrapped" into Google and click on the link, which could bring you to your results. 

When all else fails, try signing out and signing back in. Be patient‚ your results are on the way!

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