Spotify’s new Blend feature is the perfect thing to share with your bestie—and it just got an update

Friends who Blend together, stay together

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Ready to show off your exquisite taste in music? Spotify’s new Blend feature just underwent an upgrade you'll appreciate...even if it gives more people access to the best breakup songs on your account. (Hey, we like a good cry every once in awhile.) 

Blend allows you to combine all your favorite genres, songs and artists, ultimately creating a giant playlist. It also gives you a "Taste Match Score," which shows you a percentage of how similar and compatible your tastes are and a description of which song brings you together. Are you even best friends if you don’t have a Spotify Blend

This tool is updated every 24 hours and adapts to whatever you listen to daily, so be aware your bestie may find out your guilty-pleasures, if she doesn't know them already. (No shame here: we've only listened to the Alanis Morissette Bridgerton version of "You Oughta Know" a solid 100 times today, thankyouverymuch.) 

Spotify’s new Blend feature

Blend gives you the chance to connect with your friends through the power of music, as you can listen to their favorite songs and vice versa. It also provides the chance to discover a new artist that your friend loves, so prepare for even more hours rocking out. 

Rosie Maharjan, a designer for the feature, said: “I think it’s especially cool for long-distance friendships because the playlist can effortlessly connect to you together, but also help you stay up-to-date since it’s automatically updating and you can see what they’re currently listening to.”

It’s the perfect way to feel closer to your loved ones, whenever you want.

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Best of all, the Blend feature has cute cover art that helps you locate your playlist fast. Premium users will also be able to see which person’s listening habits contributed to which songs appearing in the playlist. 

Spotify Blend 2022 updates

Less than a year after its debut, Blend decided to maximize the fun by allowing up to 10 friends at a time to share their favorite playlists. Of course that sounds great, but we're also particularly excited because we can now access a Blend playlist that curates songs that we have in common with our go-to bands and musicians. Neat!

How to create a Spotify Blend Playlist 

  1. Tap “Create Blend” in the Made for You hub on mobile.
  2. Next, tap “Invite” to select a friend to join your Blend via messaging.
  3. Once your friend accepts, Spotify will generate custom cover art and a track list for the two of you filled with songs that combine your listening preferences and tastes.
  4. Share your Blend results across your social channels by tapping “Share this story” at the bottom of your data story screen.

So if you’re wanting to find out if you’ve found your BFF, blend your music tastes and really test your compatibility. 

If you're keen on more ways to play around with your musical selections, be sure to check out Spotify's "Only You" feature, which will give you a birth chart reading based on the artists you listen to.

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