How to get HBO Max free trials: here's where to get one and what to watch

Dying to watch episodes of Euphoria and The Flight Attendant? Here's how to get HBO Max content for free

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Can't settle on a show? Too many options to choose from? An HBO Max free trial could be the first step towards narrowing down your interests and finally putting a stop to all of that doom scrolling. (*Breathes sigh of relief*) 

Although the platform is not currently shelling out freebies, there are still offerings that will allow you free access to some of the service's best shows and movies. (If you were wondering how to watch the Euphoria specials, now's the time to take action.) We'll give you all the streaming scoop, so ready yourself with a bowl of popcorn.  

How to get HBO Max free trial through Hulu

Hulu subscribers, you're in luck. The platform is offering one week free of HBO Max, which will allow you to catch movies, shows, and new Max Originals for seven days. (It's $14.99 per month thereafter.) 

Consider it a tasting menu—you'll get a sneak peek of everything before you make your final decision. From Westworld and Game of Thrones to Selena + Chef and The Flight Attendant, you'll have plenty to keep you busy.

Do note that the HBO Max add-on app is what allows you to stream additional content. In order to test it out during your free trial, Hulu provides the how-to's: 

  1. Download the HBO Max app
  2. Authenticate your account by signing up through the provider option
  3. Select Hulu as your provider and proceed with setting up an account

How to get HBO Max free trial through the app

Although the streaming service isn't letting potential new US subscribers enjoy its entire database, it is allowing viewers to stream a few tidbits of its most popular offerings, and we're anxious to do some sleuthing.

As of August 3rd, people can watch the best of the best selections—which currently include 13 episodes of HBO and HBO Max originals but will rotate—in-app without committing to signing up. It's been rolled out via all HBO Max device partners

Curious about what's available right now? Have a look at the list below!

  • Batwoman 
  • Euphoria
  • Game of Thrones 
  • Harley Quinn 
  • Lovecraft Country 
  • Love Life 
  • Perry Mason 
  • Raised By Wolves 
  • The Flight Attendant 
  • Titans 
  • Veneno 
  • Warrior 
  • Doom Patrol - Season 2, Episode 1 

You're going to want to be prepared for Euphoria season 2, so might as well catch up on the drama before new episodes are available. (Plus, who can get enough of Zendaya?!) 

Happy streaming, friends.

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