No, 'Love Island UK' is definitely not cancelled

Did you hear the rumor that 'Love Island UK' is canceled? Fear not, we asked ITV

Laura Whitmore, Love Island. ITV
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If you're wondering if Love Island UK 2022 is canceled, you're not alone. The hugely popular dating show is due to come back this summer, but a crazy rumor caused fans to panic that it could actually be canceled. 

'Love Island UK' canceled: where did the rumor start?

It all started because of a news story published by Waterford Whispers News, with the headline: "ITV Confirm ‘Love Island’ Cancelled This Year, Villa Given To Ukrainian Refugees". 

In the piece, they wrote about a "statement" that said Love Island producers would not feel right providing accommodation to "two dozen narcissists desperate to secure collabs with fast fashion firms and dodgy cosmetic firm offering botox for internal organs" given the recent world events.

While it may look like an actual news website, the Waterford Whispers News features a disclaimer where it's explained they are a "satirical newspaper and website".

"Waterford Whispers News uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental", the disclaimer reads.

So, is 'Love Island UK' canceled? 

No, Love Island UK is definitely not canceled. We reached out to ITV and they confirmed that the show will be returning to ITV and ITV Hub this summer. Phew!

ITV recently released the trailer for this year's edition, rebranding themselves as the OGs of Love. Since the show started becoming popular in 2016, many other dating shows came along, from Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle to The Ultimatum, The Bachelor and Married at First Sight—almost too many to count! 

With so much competition on the reality TV dating world, we're excited to see what (and who!) Love Island UK is bringing out this year!

While we know Love Island UK is definitely not canceled, we still don't have a confirmed start date. We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear!

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