Jennifer Coolidge gets help from a famous face in her hilarious TikTok debut

'Hi, this is my first TikTok and I was trying to think of something cool to do,' says Jennifer Coolidge, TikTok superstar

Jennifer Coolidge attends the Los Angeles premiere of Prime Video's "Shotgun Wedding" at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 18, 2023 in Hollywood, California
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In the immortal words of Tanya McQuoid: "Wee-hee!" Jennifer Coolidge, TikTok's newest member, is giving the platform a go...with a little help from a friend. 

While you were busy perusing those "send to the White Lotus memes" and still reeling over the White Lotus cowboy theories, Coolidge was busy setting up her social media channel. Though she posts with a bit of uncertainty to the platform, 3.4 million views and counting prove that her first video (of hopefully many) was a success. 

Meet Jennifer Coolidge, TikTok star:

"Hi, this is my first TikTok and I was trying to think of something cool to do," the Golden Globe-winning actress confesses to her followers in her platform debut. "I think I'm just gonna do a poem that I like." 

That's when she begins slowly, succinctly and hilariously reciting the lyrics of "Jenny from the Block"...before panning off to none other than Jennifer Lopez herself. 

"I like that," JLo jokingly confesses. "I really, really like that."

Two Jennys are better than one, right?!


♬ Jenny from the Block (Bronx Remix - Edit) - Jennifer Lopez

Coolidge's TikTok is a follow-up to Lopez's own social media post, an Instagram video of the pair at the afterparty of their upcoming film, Shotgun Wedding

"HAPPY JENNUARY! Live at the @shotgunweddingmovie after party 🎉 🤍 @primevideo @jennifercoolidge"

Needless to say, they're quite the duo.

The world's two favorite Jennifers will appear later this month in Shotgun Wedding, a rom-com to add to your winter screen time. In a The White Lotus-esque scenario, Darcy (played by Lopez) is set to tie the knot with Tom (Josh Duhamel) at a destination wedding...which just so happens to be taken over by gunmen. 

Coolidge plays Tom's mother, and she claims to have been looking forward to his wedding day "since baby Tommy was cut out of my abdomen." 

Catch the film streaming on Amazon Prime beginning Friday, January 27. As for Jennifer Coolidge's next TikTok, there's no telling when it will arrive, but the world will be patiently waiting for some much-needed laughs!

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