Are those 'White Lotus' cowboy theories actually right?

Here's why fans are freaking out about that 'White Lotus' cowboy moment from episode 6

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We're getting down to the final episodes of The White Lotus season 2 and the penultimate episode, titled "Abductions," just threw yet another wrench in the messiness and mysteries of the show's Sicilian vacation. 

Having been wined and dined by her new gaggle of British gays, Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya is the guest of honor at a party thrown by Quentin (Tom Hollander) at his Palermo palazzo. After partaking in some, uh, party favors with boy toy Niccolò (Stefano Gianino), Tanya stumbles across one of Quentin's personal photos, a snap of two cowboys: a younger Quentin with someone who looks eerily familiar. But who is in the picture?

Many fans already think they've decoded the cowboy connection and unraveled how it fits into the main question of the season: who dies in The White Lotus? But are they right?

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Who is 'The White Lotus' cowboy?

It hasn't been confirmed just yet onscreen—we still have one more episode in The White Lotus season 2, after all—but that young cowboy next to Quentin in the photo sure does look like Greg Hunt (Jon Gries), Tanya's husband who has been acting plenty shady all season long. 

Though Greg was all about Tanya during their Hawaiian excursions in The White Lotus season 1, in the second season, he's been notably distant with his new bride, locking himself in the bathroom to take mysterious private phone calls and leaving their Italian vacation early for business back in the states. We haven't seen the groom since episode three—and, curiously, Quentin and his crew came in to sweep Tanya off her feet during the very next episode. 

In episode five, Quentin revealed that he's only been in love one time before: with a straight cowboy that he met while traveling the states some time ago. Is that young cowboy actually Greg? Fans seem to think so, with many believing that it's all a grift to get money out of the wealthy Tanya. We already know Quentin isn't entirely who he says he is—he's certainly not the uncle of Leo Woodall's Jack, given the, ahem, very intimate scene that Tanya walks in on at the end of episode five. 

Are they planning on swindling Tanya out of her millions? Or worse?!

Fans speculate about 'The White Lotus' cowboy: 

Here's what sleuthing The White Lotus viewers are saying on social media:

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